Audi Repair in Portola Valley, CA

Complete Audi Repair by Professional Professionals

Audi vehicles are known for their luxurious interiors, impressive performance and beautiful appearance. If you own an Audi in the Portola Valley area, consider bringing it to Portola Valley Garage for Audi repairs. From basic preventive maintenance to complex Audi repair jobs, our team of specialists is always ready to meet your needs.

Audi buyers have many models from which to choose. From the hatchback A3 to the full-size A8 sedan, along with such SUVs as the Q5 and Q7, all will need service from time to time, from oil changes to brake jobs and beyond. Every one of these is welcome at Portola Valley Garage, where we provide complete and efficient Audi repairs throughout all of San Mateo County.

Reliable Audi Repairs You Can Trust

Peace of mind is important with Audi repairs, which is why at Portola Valley Garage we back our jobs with a 3/36000 parts and labor warranty. Not only do we offer full Audi repair services, but we also handle basic predictive maintenance. Such procedures can help you avoid expensive repairs down the line.

Our history yields confidence to trust Portola Valley Garage with your Audi. We opened for business in 1948 and have been dedicated to quality from day one. Don’t trust your Audi repairs to just anyone come to Portola Valley Garage and get the job done correctly.

Visit Portola Valley Garage for Exceptional Audi repairs.

erWin – the up-to-date Electronic Repair and Workshop Information service from Volkswagen/Audi.

What is this?

erWin – the up-to-date Electronic Repair and Workshop Information service from Volkswagen/Audi.

erWin contains:

  • All repair manuals for Volkswagen/Audi AG
  • Additional repair information in PDF format (not available in all languages).
  • Additional information such as self-study programmes and training programmes.
  • Vehicle-specific information, such as maintenance charts, vehicle data and field actions, is available in several languages.
  • Constant updating of data
  • The Offboard Diagnostic Information System service – diagnostic software
    • With the benefit of being able to perform an offboard diagnostic for all Volkswagen and Audi brand vehicles with an EU-5 type approval via an SAEJ2534-compliant interface (diagnostic interface).
    • As well as the possibility of direct access to selected repair and servicing information during a current diagnostic session using the diagnostic software.

Repair manualsRepair manuals contain all of the mechanical and electronic repair groups for the vehicles, including bodywork. There are precise instructions on how to locate and resolve defects and additional information on specialist tools and adjustment settings.

Circuit diagrams

Circuit diagrams contain all the electrical repair groups for a model. They are used to correct all electrical errors by means of wiring diagrams, including gearboxes and radio equipment.

Emission test

Documents on the emission test provide information on all test values and set values for carburettor and injection systems. The information is divided into three documents based on engine codes.

Proper maintenance

These contain all the regulations on maintenance, including wear rates for inspections. Proper maintenance defines the required scope of work and its implementation. Maintenance tables are an integral part of the assembly group “Proper maintenance”.

Digital service schedule

You can enter information in the erWin system for vehicles that have a digital service schedule. A printed service schedule is attached to the corresponding vehicles as well.

  • You must be registered as a user in erWin in order to use the digital service schedule.
  • The digital service schedule is initiated as soon as the vehicle is identified in the erWin workshop system.
  • For vehicles that already have a digital service schedule, the “Digital service schedule” link is enabled in the “Systems” window panel.
  • It is free to use this digital service schedule. Once you have successfully generated a service entry in the DSS, you will be granted a bonus of 1 hour for the flat rate. Please contact the support team and provide them with the relevant VIN.

Maintenance charts

Creates a maintenance table for the selected vehicle. The maintenance table can then be used to read intervals for inspections or oil changes, for example.

Technical servicing manual

Contains technical product information on the drive unit, power train, chassis frame, bodywork and trim, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning, and the electrical system of the vehicle.

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