Tor on 3/15/2017:
"go there, they are good, quick and honest!"
5 star rating

Bud T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 3/9/2017:
"They are the best."
5 star rating

Lane N. from Menlo Park, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 3/9/2017:
"Excellent work. Very reputable and trustworthy. Super customer service----very friendly. A great place to do business."
5 star rating

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 2/23/2017:
"PVG is best place to go in this area - by far."
5 star rating

Joan G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 2/20/2017:
"Very high quality and loaner available. Appointment and reception is warm and efficient and flexible. I trust Tim and Tom"
5 star rating

Welcome To Portola Valley Garage

Your Premier Auto Repair And Service Shop Serving Portola Valley, Menlo Park, and Atherton

The Latest In Diagnostic Technology
We’ve partnered with Autologic Diagnostics to bring you the most advanced diagnostic repair
technology on the market. At Portola Valley Garage, we make the right repair the first time.
36 Months / 36,000 Miles / 60,000 Kilometers
Complimentary Roadside Assistance and an extensive range of repairs and services covered.
Drive with the peace of mind that comes with a North America Nationwide Warranty.
Certifed For Your Benefit
In addition to our specialty in European and luxury model mechanical repair, we’re certified in a
number of other specialties, including Advanced Engine Performance and Light Vehicle Diesels.

  • Auto Repair

  • As Portola Valley and Menlo Park’s experts in automotive services, our team of extensively experienced technicians offer world-class service in everything Auto Repair.
  • Engine Repair

  • Is your Check Engine Light on? It’s time for a trip to the Engine Repair professionals at Portola Valley Garage. Let our technicians get your car’s engine running like the day you bought it.
  • Transmission Repair

  • A poorly maintained transmission can cause numerous driveability issues. Whether its regular maintenance or a total replacement, our Transmission Repair experts have the tools and experience to get the job done.
  • Brake Repair

  • We pride ourselves on offering our friends in Portola Valley and Menlo Park the best in Brake Repair. Our auto repair shop offers everything from complex mechanical solutions to basic maintenance services.
  • Smog Check Station Service

  • Be a friend to mother nature and keep your emissions clean. Our Smog Check Station Service experts can performed the full range of smog and emissions tests and repairs.

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Tor on 3/15/2017:
"go there, they are good, quick and honest!"

Bud T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 3/9/2017:
"They are the best."

Lane N. from Menlo Park, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 3/9/2017:
"Excellent work. Very reputable and trustworthy. Super customer service----very friendly. A great place to do business."

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 2/23/2017:
"PVG is best place to go in this area - by far."

Joan G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 2/20/2017:
"Very high quality and loaner available. Appointment and reception is warm and efficient and flexible. I trust Tim and Tom"

Will K. from Palo Alto, CA, whose Land was in for an auto repair, on 2/16/2017:
"Great team, super fast service- I will definitely be back!"

Sven B. from Palo Alto, CA, whose Saab was in for an auto repair, on 2/14/2017:
"Team is extremely knowledgeable and nice, they explain what needs to be done, and I feel pricing is fair. They seem to care about my car, I trust them!"

Craig L B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Porsche was in for an auto repair, on 2/13/2017:
"Excellent service with a personal touch!"

Debbie on 2/7/2017:
"that the service and staff are awesome!!!"

Kei B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 2/7/2017:
"Excellent and reliable. Friendly."

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 2/6/2017:
"I would proclaim: “I would drive 500 miles, and I would drive 500 more, just to be the car who drives a thousand miles to be serviced on PVG's floor.”"

Jim B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 1/28/2017:
"The PV Garage guys are professional, reliable, and easy to deal with. Even my wife likes doing business with them. :o]"

Christina M. on 1/25/2017:
"Always the best, truly reliable, quick, and fair."

Suzanne P. from Portola Valley, CA on 12/9/2016:
"Excellent service; knowledgeable team"

Tom T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 12/7/2016:
"These guys have been the best I have gone to for 40yrs. Tom T"

Dave P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 12/6/2016:
"Go there for all your Automotive needs, They are fast, efficient and do a great job, even on the most difficult and challenging problems."

Mark W. from Los Altos, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 12/4/2016:
"I have been going to Portola Valley Garage for two years and am always happy with the prompt and friendly service. Tom Ramies has a lot of experience and is always happy to chat and offer honest practical advice whenever I ask for it. I never experienced any bill-shock and have been adequately informed when more expensive repairs or services were coming up (on the next service schedule)."

Bob G. on 11/27/2016:
"They volunteer to help schedule and are very prompt to finish work at whatever time i need to pick up my car. There are never any excuses on their end"

Becky L. on 11/19/2016:
"Service the way it should be (sadly hard to find today)."

Anne R. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 11/15/2016:
"I always highly recommend this shop."

Michele M. on 11/12/2016:
"They're terrific; you'll be in good hands."

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 11/5/2016:
"PVG does great work. Dependable. Friendly & Trustworthy. The best place in the area to take your vehicles."

Mary Jo K. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 11/5/2016:
"Straight forward, easy, honest, trustworthy."

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 10/30/2016:
"Fantastic place to take your vehicle... great service, excellent customer care, very satisfying experience."

Kit C. from Woodside, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 10/16/2016:
"I always tell them that you can trust PV Garage, that they will take care of you, they are honest and their prices are competitive. Plus overall, nice guys!"

Art M. from Menlo Park, CA, whose Porsche was in for an auto repair, on 10/6/2016:
"Highly trained. Always able to diagnose exactly where the problem is. Trustworthy, honest, and integrity are three things hard to find in automotive repair. I can recommend Portola Valley Garage."

John C. T. from Redwood City, CA, whose Jaguar was in for an auto repair service, on 10/5/2016:
"I have recommended PV garage in the past and will continue to do so. I have always been satisfied with the personnel, service, and expertise of this shop. Tim Harris does a good job with customer service and informing me as to nature of repairs or up-coming repairs."

Curtis from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 9/30/2016:
"Correct, quick, accommodating, pleasant. All you can ask for."

Nick G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose VOLKSWAGEN was in for an auto repair, on 9/29/2016:
"Great shop! Totally trust these guys."

Christian B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 9/16/2016:
"Hi Tom, so glad I found you guys. My Old shop of 9 years shut down and I am really happy with your service to date. You sure, you dont want to boys to take over ?"

Joan G. on 9/13/2016:
"Totally outstanding, proactive, comprehensive. I trust them with my life!"

Darlene H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 9/8/2016:
"The PVG was highly recommended to me and I was not disappointed with the quality of work and
the great customer service extended to me. I truly appreciated the pick up ride to and from home again. PVG is my go to shop for service. Thanks very much. Darlene"

Harry W. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Porsche was in for an auto repair, on 8/25/2016:
"These folks are the most trustworthy, experienced and efficient folks I've had the pleasure of working with!!"

Anonymous on 8/23/2016:
"I always bring my cars to PV Garage for friendly honest service. They do excellent work and their customer service is wonderful!"

Richard L. from Fremont, CA, whose FORD was in for an auto repair service, on 8/18/2016:
"Over the course of a five year project not far from the shop, I noticed the very special cars which the owners entrusted to their care. When I bought my 2016 GT350, I knew I would be taking it to them."

Paul B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 8/17/2016:
"PV Garage is simply the best!!!"

Anonymous on 8/14/2016:
"Honest, direct service. Did not bill me for a minor problem that the garage corrected. Performed on time as promised. Very polite and considerate service as well."

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 8/12/2016:
"Great work. Great communication. Highest integrity. Best place to take your vehicles."

Suzanne P. from Portola Valley, CA on 8/3/2016:
"Excellent! They don't miss a thing and are experts"

Jean J. on 7/30/2016:
"PV Garage is the best car service I've experienced in my lifetime. Honest, courtesy, personalized attention are all part of what Tom, Tim and the others do.

Thank you."

Georgia S. from La Honda, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 7/27/2016:
"High quality, straight-ahead & friendly service. And locally-owned, which is the absolute icing on a very good cake!"

Noel H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 7/26/2016:
"Always friendly, never takes advantage - or does more than is needed, work is great and if there is a post visit problem (which is very rare), they fix it under warranty. Always with a smile."

Jim B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 7/17/2016:
"The PVG consistently completes the job on schedule and within the cost estimate. First Class always!"

Charlie D. , whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 7/14/2016:
"All aspects are top notch. We would highly recommend Portola Valley Garsge"

Joe G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 7/9/2016:
"Top notch. Honest service. High quality. Great advice."

Roger N. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 7/1/2016:
"Quality service with a smile at a fair price."

Tom T. from Los Altos, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 6/28/2016:
"The best as allways"

Jct on 6/25/2016:
"Experienced, knowledgeable, and very good people to deal with."

Susie C. on 6/23/2016:
"It's always a pleasure working with PVG. They've kept our older cars running well for years."

Beth on 6/22/2016:
"PV Garage ROCKS! They are always extremely helpful, knowledgable and fair. Tim and Tom go above and beyond on customer service!"

Richard S. from Menlo Park, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 6/18/2016:
"Their work is excellent."

Eric S. from Palo Alto, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 6/17/2016:
"The quality of work is far superior to what you would find at the dealer. The staff at the garage is talented and can work on anything from Ferrari's to the daily driver. There are no unnecessary repairs or the fear of being ripped off."

Anonymous on 6/14/2016:
"Top-quality service with an emphasis on cost control and customer satisfaction. Like the good ol' days."

Jeff B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose LEXUS was in for an auto repair, on 6/14/2016:
"Always excellent quality. Honest, highest integrity. Exceptional, caring service."

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 6/11/2016:
"PVG is the best place to take your cars. Great service that you can trust."

Joanne D. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 6/10/2016:
"Outstanding garage! Completely trustworthy. Excellent work!"

Marie R. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 6/8/2016:
"I'd recommend you for your honesty and excellent quality of service."

Anonymous on 6/1/2016:
"Great work and results."

Bill L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 6/1/2016:
"Go there--you won't be disappointed."

Kelly from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 5/29/2016:
"Excellent friendly service, accommodating, knowledgeable, trustworthy! And extremely convenient being in town!"

Peter D. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 5/26/2016:
"Knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy."

Vara R. on 5/26/2016:
"I love them! They're the best!! Take all your cars there so we can keep an old-fashioned, caring business doing well."

Paige B. from Los Altos Hills, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 5/25/2016:
"Thanks to PVG and the special care of Tim and Tom, my car is never something I worry about."

Anonymous on 5/23/2016:
"Best customer service I've ever experienced at a garage. Excellent quality of work. Nice people."

Karen on 4/28/2016:
"Portola Valley Garage is the BEST place to take your vehicle, both because they are skilled and exceptionally good at servicing your car AND because they are the friendliest service station available!"

Carrie L. on 4/27/2016:
"This are Carrie's comments. PVG has for decades been my garage of service. I have always brought you family-owned cars (when my husband buys a new car, I get the hand-me-down). Because Tim and Tom provide exceptional service, I am able to drive these used cars for at least another decade. The repairs have been spot-on, and PVG's service has always met my time needs. Thank you so much, and keep up the great work!"

Howell from Menlo Park, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 4/26/2016:
"Immediately responsive and effective -- as usual."

Randee on 4/14/2016:
"Very professional, personal, friendly, convenient and competent (hopefully!) service. Extra kudos for the loaner cars. I trust this business and it's owners/managers. Internet presence is another bonus."

Elizabeth H. on 4/13/2016:
"Tom and Tim ALWAYS go our of their way to work around my car problems and within my schedule."

Lynn P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 4/12/2016:
"Best service I have ever had anywhere. Tim is wonderful."

Marcus A. from Portola Valley, CA, whose MERCEDES was in for an auto repair, on 4/5/2016:
"One of the things I love about Portola Valley Garage is that they'll never do or pressure you into doing anything you don't need. The service has always been great. They know the car better than a lot of dealerships I've been to."

Theodore W. from Palo Alto, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 4/1/2016:
"I would recommend Portola Valley Garage."

Kevin A. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 3/31/2016:
"Go there."

Dave P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Jaguar was in for an auto repair, on 3/26/2016:
"Excellent. Go out of their way to meet all your automotive needs. Can solve even the most difficult problems. Highly recommended. I take all my cars there."

Anonymous on 3/22/2016:
"Very impressed you guys are great!"

Dan M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 3/22/2016:
"I Highly recomend PV Garage"

Lynn P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 3/18/2016:
"I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful garage so close to my home."

Rob Y. from Portola Valley, CA, whose AMC-JEEP was in for an auto repair service, on 3/3/2016:
"It is like working with you best friend--they are great people"

Tor on 3/3/2016:
"They are great!"

Edward on 2/24/2016:
"PV garage looks out for the customer's best interest."

Nicole R. on 2/23/2016:
"This is an outstanding local resource. Great people, great mechanics, great service. I love using the PV Garage!"

Ernest D. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mazda was in for an auto repair, on 2/22/2016:
"The best. They go beyond fixing and doing to helping and finding all the problems. It's like automotive consultants who also repair and upgrade."

Anonymous on 2/19/2016:
"Great, it's like having Dad fix my car. I know Tim & Tom will get it done right every time. They do not invent things to fix."

Richard from Portola Valley, CA, whose Audi was in for an auto repair service, on 2/18/2016:
"Best service I know of in the Bay Area"

Hiroki K. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 1/30/2016:
"This is a neighborhood business at its best. Great personal touch. Comfortable to discuss issues face to face. They keep you informed of progress of repair."

Kit C. from Woodside, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 1/28/2016:
"I would tell them that they are trustworthy and always willing to go the extra mile for their customers."

Tom R. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 1/27/2016:
"go there very good work and service"

Nancy C. from Redwood City, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 1/27/2016:
"I would tell them that I am a long time customer, and I would stress your high quality and thorough servicing of my vehicles over the years. And, of course, I would tell them what exceptional people Tom and Tim are!"

Jerry on 1/23/2016:
"Excellent service, very smart, knowledgeable people, efficient, friendly--it does not get better that them!!!"

Karen B. from San Carlos, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 1/22/2016:
"PVG is like family. I can count on them."

Bob M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 1/20/2016:
"Top notch."

Harry T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 1/7/2016:
"Excellent by every benchmark"

Anonymous on 1/7/2016:
"I've been using PVG and trust them. I never feel they are trying to push extra work on me. They are very realistic about what is worth doing and what can wait."

Steve Y. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 1/6/2016:
"Excellent work by Tom and Tim! Steve York"

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 12/27/2015:
"Only place to go in this area for your car."

Jan N. T. from Stanford, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 12/24/2015:
"Excellent personalized service!"

John B G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 12/18/2015:
"I've always liked the service and costs of PV Garage. I take all my cars there."

Pete R. from Woodside, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 12/16/2015:
"Professional and friendly service....they go the extra mile.
Thanks and Happy Holidays to all at the shop, as well as "Pop" (who I meet occasional on my walk to the garage).

Jan S. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 12/16/2015:
"Greatly appreciate your follow up on my tires for the Subaru."

Channin D. on 12/16/2015:
"Customer service was wonderful. Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and resourceful in solving the needs of the car"

Kevin A. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 12/10/2015:
"Excellent service."

Ken F. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Audi was in for an auto repair service, on 12/5/2015:
"By far the best auto service in the area."

Deirdre M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair service, on 12/5/2015:
Customer Service and Laugh Value-200%"

Nancy J. from Mountain View, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 12/2/2015:
"Service at PV Garage is awesome. I moved and I still drive back to have my car serviced because its worth it. Great trustworthy service from people I like."

Lane N. from Menlo Park, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 11/27/2015:
"Excellent shop and they do great work. Can pretty much handle any kind of car. Always done on time and within the cost estimate they give you."

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 11/23/2015:
"PVG will treat you well. Would never consider another garage."

Janet B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 11/20/2015:
"Outstanding quality of work and customer service!!"

Klaus P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair service, on 11/7/2015:
"Great work. Great service. Great expertise. Always accommodating to fit my schedule."

Joan G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 11/6/2015:
"The whole team especially Tim really look out for my best interests. I feel safe and well cared for. Only place I would ever take my car!!"

Bob W. from Hillsborough, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 11/5/2015:
"Outstanding! A local dealer incorrectly diagnosed the problem with our car. PV Garage accurately determined the root cause of the problem and repaired it quickly for a very fair price"

Alan B. from Palo Alto, CA, whose FORD was in for an auto repair service, on 11/3/2015:
"My family have been customers for the last 40 years. They have have done superior quality work on everything from my Classic 1934 ford to a finicky Lotus to assorted Porches, BMW and Toyotas. Always a pleasure to deal with. Definitely worth going out of your way to utilize their services.."

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair service, on 10/28/2015:
"This garage takes care of both the car and the driver! They are considerate and professional: experienced experts who attend to every detail. They always go above and beyond. I feel very fortunate to have the privilege of such great service."

Alex H. on 10/24/2015:
"Fantastic garage. Trustworthy. Good people."

Carol T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair service, on 10/7/2015:

Michael H. from Woodside, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 10/7/2015:
"Outstanding diagnostic ability. Excellent workmanship. Ability to perform work other shops cannot. Example: power timing engines using oscilliscope and known optimal power curves.
Cars drive better and are more secure against trouble after PV Garage works on them."

Kit C. from Woodside, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 10/6/2015:
"I have complete trust and confidence in Portola Valley Garage. I feel they are always honest and are looking out for my best interest. I will continue to recommend them to others."

Sven A. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 10/3/2015:
"Highly recommend PV Garage. Very knowledgable and honest, only recommend work that needs to be done."

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 9/26/2015:
"Excellent, friendly service by talented mechanics. Best experience one could have!"

Don N. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Pontiac was in for an auto repair, on 9/24/2015:
"These folks know what they are doing, and will tell you what they advise or what they are doing."

Irene S. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair, on 9/19/2015:
"Go for it!"

Thomas T. from Los Altos, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 9/15/2015:
"Took 20 minutes for smog check. Easy wait nothing to it."

Don N. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 9/7/2015:
"Excellent, thorough work. Surprisingly expensive."

Carol T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 9/2/2015:

Carol T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 9/2/2015:

Roger N. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Porsche was in for an auto repair, on 8/28/2015:
"High quality workmanship and fair pricing"

Phillip B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair, on 8/26/2015:
"Highly competent, efficient, and friendly. Wouldn't go anywhere else,"

Richard S. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair service, on 8/26/2015:
"Excellent as always - I've had 4 cars in over the last 2 weeks and had great service for each one"

Mary U. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 8/24/2015:
"They do a great job."

Robert P. from Woodside, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 8/21/2015:
"I recommend Portola Valley Garage very highly!"

Mrs. G. E. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 8/19/2015:
"The smog check of my car was done speedily and perfectly. I had an appointment and it was done on-time to the max. Very nice work! --Gary Ernst"

Karen And Andy H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 8/16/2015:
"I would highly recommend them. They are very professional and responsive and do the work extremely quickly."

Ivan K. from Palo Alto, CA, whose BUICK was in for an auto repair, on 8/15/2015:
"Integrity of the highest level."

Paige B. from Los Altos Hills, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 8/14/2015:
"This is just THE BEST garage, mechanics, experience a GIRL could EVER hope for...and it's all in her back yard!"

John P. from Menlo Park, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 8/12/2015:
"No one better."

Deirdre M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 8/7/2015:
"exceptional work, fair price, great overall service"

Betsy/alan C. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 8/6/2015:

Karen C. from Belmont, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 8/6/2015:
"I'd say it's the best shop in the Bay Area for quality work and customer service at a fair price."

Judith M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 8/5/2015:
"The people at PV Garage are always kind and helpful. They keep our cars running well and give good advice on work needed or not needed."

Tom T. from Los Altos, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 7/31/2015:
"They are the best"

Jan Newstrom T. from Stanford, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 7/25/2015:
"Hand's down - best garage ever - and I've got history!"

Suzy D. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 7/24/2015:
"Run and do not stop until you get there! They are fabulous, trustworthy and I could not exist without them!"

Jean J. on 7/22/2015:
"Tom & Tim run an excellent service garage. They are hard working, honest and easy for an old lady to understand and trust."

Barbara V. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 7/14/2015:
"I would highly recommend it. I was treated with respect; the work was done rapidly, but very well. I got answers to my questions. I felt assured."

Sharon S. on 6/27/2015:
"I've been bringing my cars to PVG for over 40 years and always feel that I'm driving a safe car because of the great service it receives.
Thank you Tim and Tom"

Roger on 6/24/2015:
"High quality work at a fair price."

Joanne D. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 6/21/2015:
"PV Garage is terrific! It is the place to go."

Harold H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/18/2015:
"Friendly service, dependable quality workmanship, advice and help when needed."

Dick E. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 6/14/2015:
"I am a 30 year customer. That says it all."

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 6/13/2015:
"Trust your cars to these people. Great people. Quality work."

Ray L. from Half Moon Bay, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 6/13/2015:
"They are the best."

Chris P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/10/2015:
"One of the best auto repair shops in the area. Excellent service at a fair price. They can work on any type of vehicle, from your standard commuter car to classics to expedition vehicles ready to take on the Sahara!"

Anonymous on 6/4/2015:
"Tim is a nice, honest guy, and has a funny sense of humor. And he knows his stuff and will lay it on the line. And he is very fair and reasonable."

Tom T. from Los Altos, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 6/2/2015:
"This is the best shop on the peninsula. Fast and great service"

Dave P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 6/2/2015:
"Excellent - These guys know what they are doing and really understand the intricacies of my cars. Highly recommended. Also highly flexible with scheduling and assist with drop off logistics."

Sean S. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 6/1/2015:
"Pretty good overall. I would ask that the receipt show the number of hours spent on my head gasket job instead of just total labor dollars. Also, my battery was pretty much dead when I picked up the car and I almost got stuck when it barely cranked after a stop on the way home. Had to trickle charge it overnight to get it going again. Wife was not happy :("

Jim B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 5/30/2015:
"Reliable. Reasonable. Very customer-oriented."

Gary M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 5/27/2015:
"Highly competent, responsive and ethical. Tim and Tom are knowledgeable, straight-shooters and a pleasure to work with."

Judy Z. from Atherton, CA, whose Land was in for an auto repair, on 5/16/2015:
"I would tell them that they are very knowledgeable, courteous and accommodating."

Chris N. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair, on 5/10/2015:
"I was put at ease and everything was done perfectly and fast!"

Rex J. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 5/1/2015:
"I would tell them, that my car had had a noise for a long time that sounded serious and that my regular mechanic had been unable to diagnose. I took my car to Portola Valley which was recommended by a friend. Tim and Tom drove my car, listened to the noise and found the problem and fixed it."

Debra on 4/30/2015:
"They give quick and honest assessment of what your car needs are. Also will check into most economical ways to help you."

Anonymous on 4/24/2015:
"They are honest and dependable."

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 4/22/2015:
"The people working at PV Garage go out of their way for customers, treating then like friends / family. The service is excellent, fast, efficient and friendly."

Angel R. on 4/15/2015:
"Exceptional workmanship and customer service, great prices and flexible with picking up and dropping off car."

Lynn P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 4/8/2015:
"They are smart and ethical and kind!"

Paige B. from Los Altos Hills, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 4/8/2015:
"Tom and Tim at the PV Garage consistently go above and beyond expectations for accepting "on the spot" mechanical checks or accommodating my frenzied schedule to squeeze any required maintenance into their schedule. I am always grateful for the way you conduct your business and how safe it makes me feel when I'm out in the WILD with my car and kids. Because of your competence, I do NOT worry about my car and that is a HUGE source of reliable security in my life."

Albe L. from Half Moon Bay, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 4/7/2015:
"That they go way beyond average to solve and fix problems, do excellent work (and on the one occasion in many, many years when something wasn't perfect fixed it at no cost) and are helpful, nice, polite people to work with."

Richard S. from Menlo Park, CA, whose Cadillac was in for an auto repair, on 4/5/2015:
"It's a great place."

Chris M. from Woodside, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 4/4/2015:
"If they want it done right you should take your cara/truck to Portola Valley Garagage."

Lou M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose MAZDA was in for an auto repair service, on 4/4/2015:
"Call immediately, don't hesitate."

Nancy N. from Redwood City, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 4/3/2015:
"Very complete and thorough check at reasonable and competitive prices. Very good communication with customer. They helped my son understand his car's needs!"

Marie R. on 3/27/2015:
"I was well treated here and am impressed with the honesty I experienced. I would certainly recommend the shop to others."

Frank C. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 3/27/2015:
"Fewer mistakes than at dealers, much more convenient and very likable folks. I like being able to patronize local businesses."

Noel H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 3/27/2015:
"Tim and Tom are awesome. They always find the problem and fix it. No over selling!"

Stuart O. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 3/25/2015:
"Excellent work, responsive staff and fair prices. If you are not a car expert, the key is to trust whomever repairs your car. I have complete trust in PV Garage."

Lucia M. on 3/25/2015:
"The fact that they are even sending out this survey should tell you most of what you need to know about their customer service (think about it!). They quickly diagnosed two problems that after 3 trips and $450 at my old shop still weren't figured out."

Jerry T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 3/20/2015:
"Very knowledgeable, experienced, flexible and great at discussing my problem and helping focus on a solution."

Jim F. from Woodside, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair, on 3/13/2015:
"It doesn't get any better than this! Quality work, attention to detail and friendly folks."

Harry T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair, on 3/12/2015:
"They are competent, fully informative of what to expect, honest"

Kelly Van Zant M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 3/4/2015:
"They are professional, caring, reasonable priced, friendly AND I've gone in there for questions about my car and they do a quick check right then and no charge!! They are the Best!!!"

Anonymous on 2/26/2015:
"Always easy to work with; always get it done right."

Don T. from 8518566, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 2/21/2015:
"The best in Portola Valley and surrounding area."

John B. G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose GMC was in for an auto repair, on 2/10/2015:
"That they are prompt, smart and good to work with."

Mia Di G. on 2/9/2015:
"Don't bother taking your car anywhere else (except for body work)"

Winston C. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 2/7/2015:
"Great service, fair price, and friendly staff. I will definitely use PVG again."

Kevin on 2/4/2015:
"An asset for the community."

Diann L. from Menlo Park, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 2/4/2015:
"Prompt, takes the whole car into consideration, helpful, excellent mechanics"

Elizabeth A. on 1/27/2015:
"This place is the bomb! No weirdness or pressure. The shop reminds me of my Grandfathers garage when I was a kid in the 60's.Nice experience-beautiful Portola Valley."

Aneta L. on 1/23/2015:
"The guys at Portola Valley Garage are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They are confident and have enormous amount of experience I didn't find at another repair shops. They know their cars! They are fair and honest. I took my car to a couple of places prior to coming to PV Garage and nobody seemed to know how to fix my car. Tim and Tom took my car in and it was ready within a couple of days."

Jlb on 1/16/2015:
"Tim, Thank you for the incredible service and work as always. Very Respectively, -JLB"

Ingrid H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 1/9/2015:
"Excellent work and service"

Anonymous on 1/8/2015:
"PVG has been servicing my cars for almost 50 years. I always feel safe when driving because they are thorough. They are wonderful people to rely on."

Philwhite on 12/30/2014:
"Great service and the work is done quickly and done right."

Jeff B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 12/19/2014:
"Highest quality; Bay Area wide reputation for all vehicles from modern luxury to classic collector cars; Honest and friendly. Been a customer for 40 years."

Stuart O. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 12/14/2014:
"I highly recommend PV garage"

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 12/6/2014:
"There is no better place to take your vehicle for service. Experienced, competent mechanics are efficient and thorough and provide excellent customer service. Also a great place to run into friends and neighbors!"

Lb on 12/2/2014:
"Reliable, accurate, honest, reasonable and great to work with. Can't imagine going anywhere else."

Pete R. from Woodside, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 12/2/2014:
"I am a satisfied customer for many years... the best shop around. PeteR"

Susan S. from La Honda, CA, whose Volkswagen was in for an auto repair, on 11/21/2014:
"In my experience, PVG is on point. On everything. Regular maintenance is easy to schedule. They can turn on a dime if you show up with your car towed. Explanations are clear and they have a lot of patience to explain. Been with them through three vehicles. When the vehicles get old, they can fix anything. Will continue to go there as long as I can afford to... Susan S."

Harumi B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 11/19/2014:
"Great service--personal service! Also, they remember my name, my car, and can locate my file to provide instant feedback. Great service!"

Deirdre M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Land was in for an auto repair service, on 11/14/2014:
"Great customer service. Always willing to help, ie: providing pickup/drop off Without a long wait, fair pricing, seem to know more about warranties and services then I do!"

Anonymous on 11/11/2014:
"I have been using PV Garage for 20 years. They have taken excellent care of my Acuras."

Eileen M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 10/29/2014:
"The best Honest fair Tim and Tom are great people"

Lynne T. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 10/21/2014:
"Tim has been my mechanic since he operated out of the garage in Ladera. I was so pleased with the quality of his work, that I followed him to the Portola Valley Garage. Everyone at the garage is friendly and responsive to customers' needs. I highly recommend them!"

Karen M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 10/11/2014:
"They are great, I and would be happy to refer anyone to the garage."

Tom W. from Atherton, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 10/7/2014:
"Excellent service and well qualified to take care of almost any vehicle."

Joan G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 9/23/2014:
"Family owned and operated. Tim treats me and the car like we were his family I trust my life to pvg. My husband died and I don't know cars but I trust Tim!"

Kevin L. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Infiniti was in for an auto repair service, on 9/17/2014:
"It is the only place I'd go."

Anonymous on 9/13/2014:
"We have used PVG for many years and for many different cars. We like the people, we trust them, and the service has been both excellent and personal. Why go anywhere else?"

Dave P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair, on 9/11/2014:
"Excellent shop. Knowledgable staff, and great service. Can solve the hard issues that other shops are unable to diagnose/fix"

Elaine Taylor J. from Portola Valley, CA, whose NISSAN/DATSUN was in for an auto repair service, on 9/11/2014:
"Great service! They worked my car in the day before a last-minute long road trip -- good thing, because the brakes were in desperate need of repair!"

Annelise B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair, on 9/4/2014:
"Excellent. I would recommend Portola Valley Garage to others."

Anonymous on 8/29/2014:
"Great guys, great service."

Anonymous on 8/22/2014:
"Great place! They always take care of customers."

Stuart O. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 8/22/2014:
"We take all our cars to PV Garage and have always been very satisfied- it is great to deal with a vendor you like and can trust"

Don T. from 8518566, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 8/21/2014:
"a wonderful rare find in Portola Valley."

Rosemarie Dekruyff U. on 8/12/2014:
"Definitely PV garage is the place to go!"

Kevin And Jerrie W. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 8/7/2014:
"Exceptional, professional service from knowledgable mechanics."

Judy M. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 7/29/2014:
"PV Garage does great work. They are always extremely kind and helpful as well as knowledgeable, honest, and well-versed on the needs of different cars."

Chris P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 7/29/2014:
"This is an excellent neighborhood garage that can fix or upgrade anything from a WWII Willy's Jeep to a vintage Ferrari to an expedition ready Landcruiser or just a plain Honda Accord. True quality work at a fair price! Ch. Pfistner, Menlo Park, CA"

Ray on 7/29/2014:
"First rate knowledge and service."

Janet B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 7/28/2014:
"Outstanding in quality, value and convenience!"

Clay B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Jeep was in for an auto repair service, on 7/28/2014:
"PV Garage is the only place to take you car."

Jan T. from Stanford, CA, whose Dodge was in for an auto repair service, on 7/24/2014:
"PV Garage is the best. Of course, now that you all know that, the guys who work there are overloaded with things to do! This must be win/ win."

Rob Y. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 7/19/2014:
"I recommend the shop to all of my friends"

Dale on 7/16/2014:
"Outstanding personal service and the best quality of work and recommendations I have ever had at a garage. Highly recommended."

Anonymous on 7/15/2014:
"Always very helpful, thorough and trustworthy!"

Jean J. , whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 7/10/2014:
"Honest, efficient and friendly people."

Anonymous on 7/9/2014:
"I've been a customer at PVG for about 50 years. When I take my car there, I know it will come back in better and safer condition. Tom and Tim are great to deal with. I appreciate their help keeping my 14 year old Honda going."

Klaus P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 7/5/2014:
"Excellent, prompt service."

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Honda was in for an auto repair service, on 7/4/2014:
"I cannot say enough positive comments about PV Garage! They are extremely customer service oriented, AND they are excellent at car maintenance! There is no better alternative!"

Susi H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 7/2/2014:
"Could not be easier and more convenient"

G P. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 7/1/2014:
"Everything is the greatest."

Jon (not "john") D. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Acura was in for an auto repair service, on 6/27/2014:
"To this question, and to give substance to "Other" in Q #2, (1) you came up #1 in Repair Pal Certified's local list for ZIP 94028; (2) you are mentioned favorably in local online forums; (3) you responded favorably to my initial phone call and with your detailed estimate for what I requested; (4) the work you did seems well done (no problems that I know of); and (5) you are computer-savvy."

Paul H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volkswagen was in for an auto repair service, on 6/25/2014:
"You have kept my cars running for years, it is nice to not have to worry about good maintenance one the cars and that they will run reliably."

Fred W. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Ford was in for an auto repair, on 6/24/2014:
"Highly recommend the shop to anyone...Tim & Tom give top flight service & willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their customers."

Roger G. on 6/18/2014:
"Highly competent, fair pricing, courteous and efficient service."

Kit C. from Woodside, CA, whose Subaru was in for an auto repair service, on 6/18/2014:
"I have the greatest respect for their skills and feel they go the extra mile for their customers."

Anonymous on 6/17/2014:
"Excellent advice, great quality, on any car, exotic or boring."

Anonymous on 6/14/2014:
"Stop having everyone be rude. They can manage a smile or two."

Fred E. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair service, on 6/10/2014:
"Honest and reliable. Personal care. Support local business!"

Anonymous on 5/28/2014:
"Highly skilled excellent service"

Anonymous on 5/25/2014:
"PV Garage is simply the best!"

Karen G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 5/21/2014:
"They are the greatest service shop available! Both in their mechanics and customer service. Absolutely take your cars to them!"

Dick E. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair, on 5/18/2014:
"Great for 30 years."

Tom T. from Los Altos, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair, on 5/17/2014:
"Go to PV Garage to get the best of everything."

Anonymous on 5/8/2014:
"honest, convenient and great service"

Stuart O. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 5/3/2014:
"I would highly recommend PV Garage- if you live in town -you are crazy to go anywhere else ( unless you have free maintenance from the manufacturer with a warranty policy that has not expired)"

Johanna on 4/20/2014:
"I say: "I think PVG the very best!" ....and then I give them your number."

Nancy N. from Menlo Park, CA, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 4/19/2014:
"This was my first service here and I am totally happy with the experience and work done."

H. B. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Volvo was in for an auto repair service, on 4/17/2014:
"PVG provides great service. They are good to customers. Charges are reasonable. I used to take my car to the dealer, which charges too much overhead; besides it's too far. PVG is just "around the corner." HB"

Mary Claire D. on 4/11/2014:
"I will never go anywhere else. The expertise, time and attention given are incomparable. I consider Tim and Tom great doctors for my car...they really care and go the extra mile!"

Harry W. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Porsche was in for an auto repair, on 4/10/2014:
"Trustworthy, professional, communicative and skilled in the art of car repair!!"

Mike W. from Woodside, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 4/2/2014:
"Great shop at a fair price"

Jim G. from Portola Valley, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 4/1/2014:
"A great place to take your car for service and repair. I have always been totally satisfied with the work at PVG and the places they send you to for work they do not do."

Chris C. from Palo Alto, CA, whose MERCEDES was in for an auto repair, on 3/31/2014:
"competent, high quality work, trustworthy, nice people, I highly recommend them, without reservations"

Iris H. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Lexus was in for an auto repair service, on 3/13/2014:
"Why go anywhere else?"

Bob B. from Los Altos, CA, whose BMW was in for an auto repair, on 3/6/2014:
"The best. I had a coolant leak that stranded me on 280. PVG took my car in without notice and started working on it that day. They kept me informed of what was happening and got me back on the road quickly."

Nicole R. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Mercedes-Benz was in for an auto repair service, on 3/6/2014:
"Absolutely superb!! Every single member of the team!"

Anonymous on 3/6/2014:
"Very knowledgeable, They were able to fix a stalling problem that another local shop could not fix! Thanks so much"

Jack Robert W. from Portola Valley, CA, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 2/26/2014:
"They are the best, they have the best and most knowledgeble mechanics, very honest. For your money you come out ahead."

Kevin on 2/26/2014:
"The best. A place you can trust to do the work you need, only the work you need and to do it well."

Diana Raines on 2/13/2014:
"Tom and crew are the best!"

Jean Johnston on 2/13/2014:
"I think Tom & Tim are courteous, helpful, honest and the work is completed satisfactorily. As a single woman who knows very little about cars I trust them to keep my car safe."

Peter K. on 2/11/2014:
"Thanks for your timely completion of the work. And, for the "loaner". I had shopped the price and yours was reasonable. And, I appreciate your careful explanation of the needed work. Peter Kroosz Half Moon Bay"

Geoffrey C. on 2/8/2014:
"Excellent!! Thank you, Tim and Tom!!"

Harry/wendy W. on 2/7/2014:
"Another quick, professional and fairly-priced repair. We take all our vehicles to PVG!!"

Lynne Toribara on 2/7/2014:
"During the first rain squall I discovered that my windshield wipers made an incredible amount of noise and were streaking. Since an even bigger storm was approaching, I called Tim (my go-to mechanic) to see if Portola Valley Garage had wipers that would fit my Prius. Tim said no, but he could get them by 2 that afternoon. I went in later in the afternoon and had the wipers installed and my tires inflated to their proper level. Now my car is as ready as it could be in time for the big rain. What great service! Thanks, Tim and Portola Valley Garage! There's a reason why you're my mechanics of choice!"

Blake Morrison on 2/6/2014:
"These guys are pretty easy to work with, and make the service experience relatively painless. One recommendation from me is when quoting service costs, I would like to know the time expenditure vs. just 'labor costs'. Also, I like to know what is involved in the repair process so I feel assured that what is being charged accurately reflects the scope of work"

Bill White on 2/6/2014:
"Always been very happy with PVG"

Anonymous A. on 1/31/2014:
"The best, as always."

P. Turnquist on 1/30/2014:
"We are very lucky to have a terrific auto garage so conveniently located in Portola Valley."

Anonymous on 1/25/2014:
"All I can say is that I'm blown away. Note: this review has nothing to do with the quality of mechanic work here...this is because I haven't even actually taken my car in yet. But I shall soon. So far I have only interacted with PV garage to discuss my car and work on setting up appointments. I've had a couple of interactions and I have been so dang impressed that I was compelled to write a review. The communication is great, the service is fantastic, I was able to email some info to Tom in advance to help him give me accurate advice. He emailed back promptly that he'd received my info. I was delighted. And THEN I got a second great email with their online community page where you can request an appointment, input and update info about your vehicle, and see everything you would need to know right there! How fantastic! I've never had so much fun doing car maintenance."

Anonymous on 1/22/2014:
"Thoughtful and thorough service, as usual."

Dianes on 1/19/2014:
"We've used PV Garage for many years--it's convenient, (within walking distance), friendly, does expert work in a timely way, helps me when I drop in unexpectedly, and even gave me a break on labor costs when a problem came up shortly after a big service/ Thank you Tom and Tim--you are the best."

Anonymous on 1/18/2014:
"As always, fabulous. We wouldn't drive 25 miles to PVG unless we knew we'd get the best service and automotive advice."

Mikeo on 1/16/2014:
"Awesome service as always!!!
Thank you!!!!"

Billa on 1/16/2014:
"Tom and Tim are the best !"

Anonymous on 1/8/2014:
"Outstanding, as always."

Billn on 1/8/2014:
"no worry vehicle repairs"

Keri/patrickt on 1/4/2014:
"Trusted car service."

Larrya on 1/4/2014:
"Excellent service"

Juanb on 1/4/2014:
"Tom Ramies did what Putnam Lexus could not do: provide the right diagnostic after 5 gal of diesel in the gas tank stopped the engine of my LS430 from running. PVG fixed it with original Lexus parts at 1/3 of the dealer's quote."

Kenc on 1/1/2014:
"Excellent as always.

Brucej on 1/1/2014:
"Drop-in to diagnose a "check engine" light. Had the car fixed and back just when we needed it. Excellent service and advice. Thank you!"

Rickr on 12/25/2013:
"Fast and professional from start to finish. Good to have found a friendly and trustworthy garage."

Kareng on 12/21/2013:
"Always excellent service with considerate and generous personal attention! It is also a great place to run into friends! (I mean other than those who work at the garage, too!)"

Scotf on 12/20/2013:
"Great service, as always."

Anonymous on 12/19/2013:
"Thanks for the great service)"

Brucej on 12/18/2013:
"Consistently great service. Thanks!"

Kitc on 12/12/2013:
"They always go the extra mile! They listen despite how silly my concerns may sound - they take me seriously. They are the best!"

Anonymous on 12/10/2013:
"On time"

Sue,dougd on 12/10/2013:
"Excellent service, as always."

Anonymous on 12/5/2013:
"As always top service!"

Anonymous on 12/4/2013:
"This regular service was done promptly and well at a reasonable price."

Billa on 11/29/2013:
"Always Happy with PVG ."

Anonymous on 11/28/2013:
"Above and beyond the normal customer/business relationship. Knowledgable and personable staff, made sure everything was set up ahead of time, a loaner car was offered, and a fair price for a very major repair. They do business like you wish more businesses would."

Georgea on 11/27/2013:
"Very knowledgeable, professional and helpful."

Mrs.c on 11/23/2013:
"Tom and Tim, I have loved you for all these years and always will. We go way back when we could barter with Cronin wine. So appreciative of your excellent expertise!
Nancy Cronin"

Anonymous on 11/21/2013:
"Awesome, as always!"

Kenl on 11/17/2013:
"Tim did another perfect job, fixing many things on my car that I should have had fixed earlier but put off. All was done well and in very short time.

Many thanks to the PVG team!


Janeb on 11/16/2013:
"As usual, PVG does an exceptional job. I tried scheduling an appointment by internet for the first time, that is a good time saver,"

Carmeno on 11/16/2013:
"Efficient and well done"

Anonymous on 11/15/2013:
"Excellent work and customer service."

Jant on 11/9/2013:
"What would I do without Tim and Tom's extraordinary service when I careen in on a Friday with my usual end of the week emergency?"

Carolt on 11/9/2013:
"Continued excellence."

Kevinl on 11/6/2013:
"Scheduled an appointment online to complete regular maintenance, complete smog, etc,.
Scheduling was very easy.
Work done on time as promised.
PVG found and addressed two maintenance items I'd forgotten, was late on & they completed them at minimal cost.
Great experience as always."

Gloryb on 11/1/2013:
"Thank you!"

Jeffa on 10/30/2013:
"As usual, my visit to the PV Garage was downright boring; I dropped the car off in the morning, picked it up in the afternoon, and everything was done right.

Just to add a little drama, my phone died in the afternoon, so I missed the call telling me it was ready. No matter; my wife dropped me off at the Garage and I got the car, as expected. Done deal.

Thanks to Tim, Tom and the guys in the Garage for another hassle-free non-event....ja"

Anonymous on 10/26/2013:
"Excellent service over the years at a reasonable price for my 2003 Mercedes ML350. Most recently fixed a leaking sunroof."

Janel on 10/26/2013:
"As always, PVG is the best. You took good care of my car when it failed, and me when I needed a loaner.

Sometimes cars fail me, but you guys never do!


Toml on 10/26/2013:
"Not only did they fix my problem, change my oil and get my Porsche to 100%, they also noted my need for new tires and arranged to get that done through another firm at no cost or hassle to me."

Georgea on 10/25/2013:
"Very knowledgeable . Honest and thorough."

Hartmutm on 10/25/2013:
"Great communication and great service. We will be using Portola Valley Garage again! Thank you!"

Johnm on 10/23/2013:
"Fine, as usual."

Anonymous on 10/20/2013:
"Fast service, great work, an involved community business"

Lisap on 10/13/2013:
"Great service and communication. Would have given 5 stars but they forgot to turn off the check engine light so I had to go back. However, I will continue to use their service. They do a great job and it is convenient."

Anonymous on 10/13/2013:
"Spectacular service. Immediate and accurate diagnosis of the problem (a failed water pump). Knowledgeable explanation of why the problem caused the car, a BMW 335, to go into "limp mode." (Who knew that "limp mode" exists?). Followed by a quick repair that was precisely on budget and on time. Couldn't ask for more."

Tracyh on 10/13/2013:
"Tom and Tim kept us updated with the service on our car. Great service"

Rogern on 10/12/2013:
"Fast efficient high quality service...with a smile! can't beat it."

Chrism on 10/9/2013:
"Excellent fast service."

Jamesq on 10/8/2013:
", efficient and reasonable."

Anonymous on 10/7/2013:
"great service as always"

Tedm on 10/7/2013:
"Excellent service."

Anonymous on 10/5/2013:
"Tom and crew cannot be beaten at what they do. The service, wait time and quality are all worth it, hands down. We have been using PV Garage for nearly 25 years and without question, these guys are THE BEST."

Anonymous on 10/3/2013:

Toreg on 10/3/2013:
"Could not ask for a better partner for my vehicle service and repair."

Julias on 10/2/2013:
"Professional, courteous and efficient"

Karenm on 9/30/2013:
"As always everyone goes above and beyond, even when I forgot to drop my car off on the morning of my appointment!"

Chrisp on 9/28/2013:
"Portola Valley Garage:

Excellent service at a fair price - these guys are awesome! They service all our vehicles, from our Honda Accord family car, to the expedition ready Toyota Landcruiser, to the old F350 Baja truck where only the frame is still stock.

Chris Pfistner
Menlo Park, CA"

Anonymous on 9/28/2013:
"As usual, on time and as expected. And friendly on top of all!"

Anonymous on 9/27/2013:
"Expensive but very good service for a 30,000 checkup."

Luisr on 9/23/2013:
"They have a strong work ethic. Fixed the thermostat, will definitely recommend to friends."

Geoffreyc on 9/23/2013:
"Thanks for all your help with the no gas situation.....sorry about that...

Very satisfied with your overall service and work. Thanks!"

Jant on 9/22/2013:
"As ever, when I come screaming in to the garage (inevitably on Friday) with my hair on fire you guys manage to cool my hysteria. And discover that random piece of plastic whatchamacallit that was the trouble maker. And in record time!

Thanks guys - you are the BEST!"

Dalep on 9/18/2013:
"Tim was awesome (as usual). Repaired my son's truck in one day and also took care of some potiential problems."

P.t on 9/17/2013:

Mikeo on 9/17/2013:
"Always awesome service! Always friendly and helpful."

Carolt on 9/16/2013:
"Excellent Service."

Anonymous on 9/16/2013:
"Great as always. Thank you."

Deniseb on 9/16/2013:
"We continue to have stupendous service from PVG. Recently it looked like we might need a completely replaced transfer box on our Chevy Tahoe. Lo and behold, with some careful analysis by their specialists, it was determined that we only needed replacement of a couple parts, not the entire box. It saved us hundreds of dollars. They were more than accommodating by getting it done while we were on vacation. Great job, PVG! But not a great surprise because we've been experiencing great service from you for 15 years.

thank you Tom and Tim!
Denise & Clay Bullwinkel"

Blakem on 9/7/2013:
"What I love about this shop is I do not have to explain the details of my service needs, just a general explanation and it gets done. Very user friendly"

Jillc on 9/1/2013:
"Tom, Tim and the entire crew at PV Garage are extremely knowledgeable, personable and eager to keep your vehicles in perfect working order. Consistently good, for a fair price with on time performance. You don't get better service than these guys."

James A. on 8/31/2013:
"When there wasn't enough time to complete the work, I was given a loaner."

Kevinl on 8/30/2013:
"Great service, as always."

Eda on 8/20/2013:
"These guys are great! They took care of me when a part was out of warranty. What more could you ask for?"

Anonymous on 8/20/2013:
"I was very pleased with the service Ramies Garage provided. This was the first time I have used your company instead of my car dealer. I am so glad my friend Marquis recommended you."

Wendyv on 8/17/2013:
"I drove in with flashing "check engine" light and unusual sounds coming from engine. Tom was able to solve the problem quickly and get my car back in running order. I'll be back!"

James A. on 8/15/2013:
"You were a big help, The work that I needed was well done. It is wonderful having a garage with knowledge workers with necessary tools and computers."

Anonymous on 8/13/2013:
"I was told by another well known service company I needed a new alternator. PV Garage said I did not need one.
I was told my battery stabiling hook was broken. PV Garage found the hook ( they were more knowledgeable and looked closer). It was not broken nor did it need replacing.
Wow is all I can say. Why would I go anywhere else in the future?


Loum on 8/11/2013:
"Pleasant, friendly, helpful. High quality of workmanship."

Carolt on 8/11/2013:
"As expected, wonderful service. Again and again."

Frede on 8/10/2013:
"Excellent Customer service, very best knowledgeable staff and local small business character and convienience."

Caroler on 8/8/2013:
"Everything done well. Dependable and trustworthy. Never disappoints."

Anonymous on 8/8/2013:
"Quick and painless. On time!"

Kareng on 8/7/2013:
"Always a great experience at PV Garage!"

Anonymous on 8/6/2013:
"Just a smog check, but they were helpful and efficient--as always!"

Stuarto on 8/4/2013:
"excellent service- as always"

Joang on 8/2/2013:
"As always, Tim is a master at managing the ordinary and extraordinary. I feel safe in pvg's hands! Great neighbors who customize to match requirements!!"

Carolt on 8/2/2013:
"The usual excellence."

Sueb on 7/26/2013:
"As always, Tim and the Portola Valley Garage mechanics did an excellent job of servicing my 1997 BMW 3. It now has 220,000 miles and drives like a new car, thanks to their care."

Harry/wendyw on 7/25/2013:
"These guys are consistently GREAT!!!!"

Thomast on 7/25/2013:
"Perfect service as always, thats why we have gone there for more than 25 years"

P.t on 7/25/2013:
"As always, fantastic service customized to meet my needs.

Bobp on 7/25/2013:
"As always, excellent service and professional work."

Susank on 7/21/2013:
"Do excellent work at reasonable prices. Work is completed as promised and in a timely manner."

Rayr on 7/21/2013:
"Awesome job. Getting it right is what it is all about."

Anonymous on 7/19/2013:
"Outstanding, as always."

Anonymous on 7/17/2013:
"Probably not the least expensive shop, but they do very good work."

Anonymous on 7/16/2013:
"Made the arrangements for new tires on the same day as a maintenance appointment. Great service!"

Junet on 7/14/2013:
"Thanks guys. We appreciate your good work and your caring for us at the Sequoias. June & Jack Tunnell"

Larrya on 7/13/2013:
"Skilled, reliable, honest, friendly, accommodating"

Vickim on 7/13/2013:
"Over the top service. Thanks"

Anonymous on 7/10/2013:
"This was the first time my 9 year old Lexus 430 SC has been serviced by you rather than the agency. It has never run so smoothly!

Your inspections are much more thorough than the agency and the cost was similar.

An added advantage is that you don't recommend repairs that are unnecessary!"

Janetb on 7/10/2013:
"Excellent service as always."

Anonymous on 7/9/2013:
"Great! Thank you so much!"

Charlesd on 7/6/2013:
"The necessary repairs were diagnosed and repaired at a reasonable price."

Susiec on 7/5/2013:
"As usual, great service in a timely manner."

Karenm on 7/4/2013:
"They always go the extra mile and provide the best service in town."

Susans on 6/30/2013:
"As always, careful explanation (even when it is bad news). I trust them to tell me when something is really necessary and when it can go for awhile longer."

Jims on 6/30/2013:
"Car was fixed very well and more important it was on time as promised."

Joanned on 6/29/2013:
"The Best!"

Lens on 6/26/2013:
"Excellent as always!"

Rogern on 6/23/2013:
"Easy in, high quality service at a fair price, easy out!"

Georgiab on 6/12/2013:
"EXCELLENT service as always. I recently moved but will GLADLY make the 1.5 hr drive to folks I have trusted for years. There is no better "garage" in no cal! Easily 10 stars!!"

Tedh on 6/12/2013:
"Very quick turnaround, professional, and courteous"

Betsys on 6/10/2013:
"Excellent same day service replacement of front brakes."

Susans on 6/8/2013:
"Never fails to be excellent."

Bobl on 6/8/2013:
"Excellent service, as always. They are completely honest & totally competent -- a rare combination in any business, let alone a car repair service. I been using PVG for years -- wouldn't even think of using any other garage."

S.t on 6/7/2013:
"Thanks for your attention to detail and careful diagnostic skills."

Anonymous on 6/7/2013:

Anonymous on 6/6/2013:
"great work"

Zachc on 6/6/2013:

Anonymous on 6/6/2013:
"Not the least expensive shop around, but they do very good work."

Anonymous on 6/2/2013:
"Tim is the greatest! The smog test went fine, but the really important service was taking care of our dead battery problem and its unanticipated complications!"

Carolk on 6/2/2013:
"These guys are pros AND they get rid of rat's nests too."

P.t on 6/1/2013:
"Great service as always."

Kareng on 5/26/2013:
"Always a fantastic experience! Friendly, Fast and Efficient service that is exceptional in quality of auto care. Thank you!"

Carolt on 5/26/2013:
"Fine service"

Bill And S. on 5/24/2013:
"Efficient, informative, competent, friendly. What more could one want?

Keep it up!

And thank you!"

Christiet on 5/24/2013:
"Great service"

Kathy/garyr on 5/24/2013:
"Great, prompt service as usual."

Carriel on 5/23/2013:
"Once again, as always, Tim delivered. My Acura Legend is running like new again."

Barbarah on 5/22/2013:
"service excelent"

Georgea on 5/21/2013:
"Most intelligent and dedicated mechanics around."

Georgea on 5/21/2013:
"Most intelligent and dedicated mechanics arround."

Anonymous on 5/19/2013:
"Tim is awsome! These guys were very accomodating with my schedule and timely completing the work. I have always been satisfied with my experience at PV Garage and will continue to have them service all my vehicles."

Anonymous on 5/16/2013:
"Thanks for having the Star smog checkup!"

Betsys on 5/16/2013:
"Excellent service!"

Peterh on 5/12/2013:
"at the danger of being boring, the service was excellent as always."

Roberto on 5/11/2013:
"Great. Tim is the best. The whole experience was perfect: Immediate diagnoses, work started as scheduled and completed early and on quote (which was expensive...)"

Kevinl on 5/10/2013:
"Just the right work. Done well and done on time."

Anonymous on 5/9/2013:
"Awesome! as always... :)"

Anonymous on 5/8/2013:
"Wonderful as always"

Jimg on 5/4/2013:
"always get effective, efficient, knowledgeable service"

Maggieb on 5/4/2013:
"My car is old and very modest. I rely on Portola Valley garage to keep it in good operating condition for me. They always provide great service."

Teddym on 5/2/2013:
"Tim is the best! Can't thank you all enough!

Gordonh on 5/2/2013:
"Job was completed on time; air conditioner works perfectly."

Caroler on 5/1/2013:
"I can always count on the Garage to make my auto problems fade away."

Kitc on 5/1/2013:
"Portola Valley Garage have always come through for me and my family, whether it is a regular appointment or an emergency repair, big or small, they always go the extra mile."

Wilmar on 4/29/2013:
"My wife and I have counted on Tim & crew for all our car servicing for a number of years and have never been disappointed. He is a very skilled car guy who you can absolutely trust and count on."

Mikeo on 4/29/2013:
"As always, excellent service!! Thank you!!"

Carll on 4/27/2013:
"Very good as usual for the past forty years or so."

Bethb on 4/25/2013:
"Another great job. Thanks guys!"

Anonymous on 4/25/2013:
"Portola Valley Garage has taken care of all of our family cars for forty years. Their service is the best."

Jant on 4/24/2013:
"I wouldn't take my fleet to any other place than PV Garage.

My daughter has moved out of the area but still brings her car to the mecca for good service."

Sheldonb on 4/24/2013:
"Made an appointment, brought the car in early and in a couple of hours all done. Service excellent, price reasonable and timing perfect.
Who could ask for anything more/
PV Garage is the best there is."

Dr. G. on 4/22/2013:
"always fast professional and smiling! I would not go anywhere else! great job tom and the guys!"

Bobm on 4/21/2013:
"The best!"

Anonymous on 4/20/2013:
"The service here is wonderful. As an elderly widow, I depend on Tom and Tim to keep my car safe and in running order."

Stuarto on 4/19/2013:
"great work- as always!"

Pony Tracks R. on 4/15/2013:
"Great place"

Deanc on 4/14/2013:
"I have been taking my cars to Portola Valley Garage for years. I trust them implicitly to always diagnose problems correctly and complete any needed work to the highest standards."

Thomast on 4/14/2013:
"Great as usual"

Kevinl on 4/14/2013:
"Work is always done right, on time and at the best price.

No better place to take your vehicles."

Bethb on 4/12/2013:
"Excellent service yet again!"

Irenes on 4/12/2013:
"Great job!"

Pony Tracks R. on 4/11/2013:
"great quick job Thanks"

Karenb on 4/7/2013:
"Tim and his auto mechanics are all so helpful, friendly and quick about getting work done on my car over many years. This time, the check engine light showed the gas cap signal, and a gas cap was ordered promptly. Then the tire symbol came on next, and all tires were checked. It's a beautiful spot in Portola Valley, wonderful and competent people"

Tom/cathyw on 4/7/2013:
"Efficient, friendly, professional, competent."

Anonymous on 4/3/2013:
"A great experience!"

Jant on 3/31/2013:
"The Portola Valley Garage is an indispensable feature in my life and that of my family's "fleet." I trust Tom and Tim with every fiber of my acceleration!"

Jeffb on 3/31/2013:
"Honest, friendly and impeccable service. Never a problem in over 35 years."

Zachr on 3/28/2013:
"There were great! A dealership tried to sell me a new clutch about a year ago (which I told them)...after driving the car they said it was fine and didn't try to sell me one. The brake job I brought it in for was done the next day"

Anonymous on 3/28/2013:
"Helpful and very good in every way."

Nickg on 3/27/2013:
"Great service every time!

Best shop in the Valley."

Billa on 3/24/2013:
"As always Excellent !"

Kareng on 3/22/2013:
"Going to PV Garage ranks right up there with Disneyland, except faster, cheaper and more rewarding! Seriously, the care and competence of the staff and outstanding auto service makes visits pleasant if not fun. Excellent!"

Dalep on 3/21/2013:
"Great, timely, affordable service on our older Durango."

Ulricha on 3/20/2013:
"Competent, helpful, friendly, punctual etc. etc."

Mr. B. on 3/18/2013:
"Top-of-the-Line service. True Professionals who know what they are doing. A pleasure to deal with."

Nancyw on 3/18/2013:
"Our experience was as usual. It was great! The service and advice was impeccable, it was prompt and very competitive in price.
We appreciate that we can trust our experts at the Portola Valley Garage.
I have referred many friends and family."

Johannap on 3/16/2013:
"Wonderful as always!"

Dalep on 3/16/2013:
"Came in for a smog check on wife's car. Tim fit me right in, done in less than 20 minutes. Outstanding."

Nicholast on 3/16/2013:
"Portola Valley Garage was able to quickly figure out the problem with my car, resolve it and get me back on the road."

Randym on 3/15/2013:
"Quick, in and out, faster than promised, on price. What more can I ask?"

Lorip on 3/15/2013:
"I called Tom on a hot day when my battery would not start and had my 2 little kids in the backseat. Tom arrived within minutes (I was only 1/4 mile away), jumped my car and told me he most likely had the right battery in his shop for replacement if I wanted to follow him back. The kids and I were back on the road with a brand new battery less than 30 minutes after my original phone call to Portola Valley Garage. Thank you again Tom! You've made a new customer!"

Jillc on 3/11/2013:
"Tommy, Tim and the entire crew are a well-oiled machine. After so many years of great service, excellent is the only fair description of this shop."

Dianes on 3/9/2013:
"Always the best and friendliest service--thanks Tom and Tim."

Bobl on 3/9/2013:
"Great service as always"

Anonymous on 3/8/2013:
"Portola Valley garage is a dream come true. Tim is always ready for me to come by to diagnose a small problem or work on a big one. Everyone there is friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. They drive me home if I need a ride; come pick me up when the car is finished. What could be better!"

Rogern on 3/6/2013:
"high quality, fair priced service with good turn-around time!"

Maryu on 3/3/2013:
"Service us always prompt, thorough and accommodating. Job is always well done."

Debbies on 2/28/2013:
"So helpful! Fast and went out of their way to make it an easy and pleasant experience. I will go back"

Sueb on 2/26/2013:
You are my hero, having solved a difficult mystery of why my 16 year old BMW 3 series was failing its' smog test despite a new catalytic convertor. It passed with flying colors thanks to your efforts and expertise. Thanks a million times.
Sue Beebe"

Georgea on 2/25/2013:
"Great respect for my car. Intricate work done correctly. Very knowledgeable."

Anonymous on 2/25/2013:
"Excellent service as always and a real benefit to our community."

Ericd on 2/24/2013:
"Great service, done on time and way more affordable than the dealership."

Anonymous on 2/20/2013:
"Fabulous. The best."

Mitzim on 2/19/2013:
"After going to PV Garage for over thirty years the quality of the service and the care and concern has not changed. It is always professional and courteous at the same time."

Carolt on 2/19/2013:
"Service with a smile and competence."

Mikeo on 2/17/2013:
"Awesome as usual!!! Thank you guys!"

Anonymous on 2/17/2013:
"Great experience, as always!"

Rogern on 2/17/2013:
"battery dead, in a bind. Tim came immediately, started car, drove down to Garage, replaced battery...all in 1 hour..exceeded my expectations!!!"

Carolt on 2/16/2013:
"Great overall experience. Good folk, knowledgeable."

Erics on 2/16/2013:
"Tim, Runs a shop full of talented mechanics. They provide expert repair are honest to a fault and best of all your car comes back running beter then ever. Don't go to a dealer give this high end shop. PS. If you need a loaner ask for the BIG MBZ!"

Davidc on 2/15/2013:
"Not only fixed my car but solved my logistics problem. A great shop."

Markf on 2/11/2013:
"Efficient, fast, and friendly as always"

Kareng on 2/9/2013:
"Fabulous experience!"

Sue,dougd on 2/9/2013:
"Excellent mechanic, excellent service...very friendly."

Anonymous on 2/9/2013:
"Outstanding service, warm, friendly, fast, and professional"

Anonymous on 2/5/2013:
"As always - helpful, fair, totally reliable and alway a team to go above and beyond."

Carlc on 2/4/2013:
"This was 2nd time I used PV Garage. Work was done on time and I saved money and time versus dealership. Tim is competent, courteous, trustworthy. I recommend and will use PV Garage again."

Jimg on 2/3/2013:
"No constructive suggestions for improvement. PVG treats clients courteously, provides excellent diagnosis and no fuss service. I am pretty particular about my cars. When I was a Volvo owner, Say Ray on Ash Street was my man. Very similar to PVG in quality and style. When Ray said I needed to get a BMW, I did; a 1971 2002 still running well. And, except for the now long gone BMW dealership on North Alma Street, there is no service organization I have been to in the last 40 years that is remotely as good as PVG."

Neild on 2/1/2013:
"As always an excellent experience. Good friendly communication and, of course, solved the problems."

Jant on 2/1/2013:
"250 words are not adequate to express the complete trust and confidence that my family's fleet of cars' owners have in the PV Garage.
We have been taking our vehicles- now 14 year old cars and trucks - to the PV Garage since we've owned them and would not trust another place to service our vehicles. Jeep owner kid took her car to an alternative place closer to her Emeryville Apt. and, having experienced the Real Deal at PVG, could not trust the workmanship."

Nicoler on 2/1/2013:
"Always impressed with the service, communication, concern and attention to detail. Thank you PV Garage!"

Kevinw on 2/1/2013:
"Tom and Tim as well as other staff are fair and professional at what they do. Keep up the great work. I'm very pleased"

Joelp on 1/31/2013:
"usual friendly, high quality service, but problem not entirely fixed (yet) otherwise 5*"

Angelah on 1/31/2013:
"I trust them, and that's the most important thing you can say about any business."

Nancyt on 1/31/2013:
"awesome service!"

Franks on 1/30/2013:
"As usual, Tim met all expectations."

Davidc on 1/30/2013:
"Quality work. Wonderful people."

Peterr on 1/27/2013:
"Great as always!!!"

Jan/vics on 1/27/2013:
"Driving great.
Thanks as always."

Jant on 1/26/2013:
"As always, the PV Garage team provides exemplary service. I would not trust our aging fleet of vehicles to any other place!"

Lauras on 1/25/2013:
"Excellent - Top Notch!"

Howardl on 1/23/2013:

Johs on 1/22/2013:
"We just moved here and had a car problem that we first tried to solve at numerous other places. Then a colleague advised us to go and see Tom about it, since he knew what he was doing and was not estimating things in a run-of-the-mill way. And right he was!
Besides: very friendly, very helpful, very committed. I absolutely recommend this place, especially if you have a car that is not the brand new Toyota kind..."

Moef on 1/19/2013:
"Perfectly satisfactory, as usual."

Davidb on 1/18/2013:
"Excellent service, as always."

Anonymous on 1/18/2013:
"As always, the work was done on time and with excellence."

Rosemaryr on 1/17/2013:
"What can I say? They are the best! Professional, courteous, honest, keep their word and wiling to help in every way they can to keep the customer mobile ! I would definitely recommend them!"

Rayr on 1/14/2013:

Paigeb on 1/13/2013:
"It can't get any better than Tim and Tom at the PV Garage. Tim helped me with an unexpected brake problem, diagnosed it quickly, called me with an estimate and had it repaired within hours. I am never disappointed with their shop - their courtesies to clients are unparalleled by any other business I utilize. I am grateful for the care, efficiency, and location of the PV Garage."

Davidc on 1/13/2013:
"Very professional, friendly, and highly knowledgeable about all cars all the time."

Mikeo on 1/13/2013:
"Fast excellent friendly service!!"

Michaels on 1/12/2013:
"Great experience, honest knowledgeable and not in the least bit pushy about follow up maintenance."

Debras on 1/9/2013:
"Always believe they are trustworthy and do an excellent job."

Paulr on 1/9/2013:
"We have had all of our cars serviced by Portola Valley Garage and have consistently received excellent service at a fair price."

Annef on 1/8/2013:
"As always, fantastic service from a very professional team."

Leoniew on 1/6/2013:
"I appreciate the personal, professional and thoroughly excellent service from our local family owned PV Garage."

Jillf on 12/30/2012:
"Always excellent! Neve a complaint!"

Howardl on 12/29/2012:
"you're always prompt, fair, honest and with excellent service"

Anonymous on 12/23/2012:
"Very good service and repair for my Mercedes ML 350"

Armandn on 12/22/2012:
"very good"

Rogern on 12/22/2012:
"High quality service at a fair price!"

Peterk on 12/22/2012:
"Service and repairs took most of the day. I thoroughly appreciate your loaning me a car so I could finish my Christmas shopping and accomplish some necessary business. The Camry I used is a great car and a not-so-subtle reminder of your skills in maintaining autos.

If anything I would have appreciated a little more time with a mechanic in discussing the "care and feeding" of my ten year old Lexus RX. But everybody in the shop was occupied. Business is good, no?

Thanks for your expert maintenance.

Peter Kroosz
Half Moon Bay"

Anonymous on 12/21/2012:
"As always, on time and as expected."

Caroler on 12/20/2012:
"I don't have to dread taking the truck or car in because you all make servicing them go smoothly. They run good, too."

Billl on 12/15/2012:
"Fast service, great job."

Jan/vics on 12/15/2012:
"excellent as always"

Marquisk on 12/14/2012:
"great as always!"

Carolt on 12/14/2012:
"Always excellent service--pros."

Judyp on 12/12/2012:
"The service was excellent. You really do a great job of explaining the service that needs to be done and providing an estimate of the cost of the work. Tim certainly did a great job of explaining to me the work to be done and giving me an estimate. I very much appreciate having a loaner car -- can't manage without one. I would rate you as excellent."

Jant on 12/9/2012:
"My kid moved out of the area. I kidnap her Jeep, however, to have it serviced by trustworthy and skilled mechanics who have been working on our cars for over a decade.

I can think of only positive and supportive things to say about Tom, Tim and their service men.

Our "fleet" can't function without them!"

Lindal on 12/9/2012:
"As usual, Portoloa Valley Garage was great! Finished the work on my car on time and for slightly less money than estimated."

Kitc on 12/9/2012:
"After learning that I had some major repairs needed for my old Subaru last year, I have been saving up to have them done. Tom fixed my car in record time and at a better cost than expected and now my car drives better than when I bought it! It feels so great to have mechanics that are not only excellent but are honest and have integrity. Thank you PV Garage!"

Tom/cathyw on 12/7/2012:
"The best! One stop for all of our cars!!"

Dang on 12/6/2012:
"Outstanding! Tom, Tim, and the entire team at Portola Valley Garage delivered excellent service, as always.
Thank you!

Toml on 12/6/2012:
"Another positive experience at Portola Valley Garage!"

Curtise on 11/30/2012:
"Perfect, I could not have asked for more."

Michaelw on 11/26/2012:
"Portola Valley garage did a great job on finding a replacement part to fix the dashboard display of speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and airbag warning on my 9 1/2 year old Suburu 2003 Forester. There was a delay in getting the part, but this old car still has some life in her yet. The garage is honest and I never feel like they invent problems to solve, and rarely have to return for the same issue."

Tom/cathyw on 11/23/2012:
"This garage is a gem."

Rodneys on 11/21/2012:
"smog check was fast, courteous. Got an appointment right away which was appreciated."

Alanc on 11/17/2012:
"Routine preventive maintenance discovered loose ball joint. Estimate provided by e-mail. Ball joint replaced by appointment in half a day. Efficient! Neighborly."

Carolynp on 11/16/2012:
"A true partner in car care."

Kareng on 11/15/2012:
"As always, PVG goes above and beyond, reaching out beyond just the role of a service station. They are excellent at diagnosis and repair, as well as maintenance. Thank you!"

Anonymous on 11/15/2012:
"Took the car in one AM when it was rattling & banging. They dealt with it that day, replacing the front shock absorber.

Have used their services for maybe 35-40 years."

Carolt on 11/9/2012:
"Good work, on time with no problems."

Gunthers on 11/8/2012:
"Most appreciative for getting transport to leave and pick up my car. Srvice is assumed to be near perfect."

Anonymous on 11/2/2012:
"Portola Valley Garage always goes the extra mile and this time was no different. Tim was very receptive to my problem and even though I had to show up there without an appointment, they took care of my car and returned it to me in the same day. once again, Bravo!!"

Junet on 10/31/2012:
"Thanks for the pickup to and from the Sequoias. We are satisfied and grateful customers. J & J"

Mikeo on 10/31/2012:
"PV Garage we highly recommend. They are very knowledgable, friendly and fast. We know because they service 7 cars for us!!
Thanks PV Garage!!"

Anonymous on 10/28/2012:
"As always, PV garage provides top notch service with all the added customer service and kindness that comes from being part of the community for years. Thank you!"

Anonymous on 10/28/2012:
"by far consistently the best service in town!"

Thomast on 10/26/2012:
"close by and efficient as always"

Sebriannem on 10/24/2012:
"Great, as always.
Seb Moore"

Jeffa on 10/24/2012:
"Brought my car in Monday morning with a 'loud rattle'. Tim called me 3 hours later with a diagnosis and then made the repairs. Picked it up on my way home from work--no more rattle! Thanks Tom, Tim and company...ja"

Anonymous on 10/19/2012:
"Fast, efficient, trusted and cheaper than dealers."

Elizabethh on 10/18/2012:
"As always, Tim and the crew handled my many little problems without issue.
Thank you!"

Carolt on 10/18/2012:
"Great local business, fine service."

Carolt on 10/18/2012:
"A great local business we must all support."

Thomast on 10/17/2012:
"Fast and reliable on time work done"

Sueb on 10/14/2012:
"I called Tim just before closing, and held the phone up to the loud noise that my car (a 1997 BMW 3 series) had started making and asked if it could be driven the short distance to my home. He reassured me that the problem could wait until morning when I could take it to the garage. He quickly diagnosed the problem, ordered and installed the part, and had the car ready for pick up at the end of the day. It runs very well, despite 200,000+ miles---thanks to Portola Valley Garage."

Bobp on 10/13/2012:
"Tim took care of me and my car as he has on many occasions. Thanks."

Anonymous on 10/13/2012:
"Wonderful as usual. Thank you!"

Anonymous on 10/10/2012:
"Service was excellent as always. Excellent work and I have full trust in all they do. Car was ready right on time."

Lynna on 10/9/2012:
"Always a good experience at PVG - really appreciate the loaner car so I don't have to beg a ride to and from. Keep up the good work!"

Rayl on 10/7/2012:
"Nothing special; just the usual fine and timely service. Thanks!"

Craigs on 9/30/2012:
"We noted some smoke and a burning smell coming from what we thought was the exhaust manifold. It turned out we had picked up a plastic bag and it had melted against the exhaust system. PVG scraped away the plastic - AT NO CHARGE. Great service."

Anonymous on 9/23/2012:
"I"ve 2 cars, nothing fancy (ford) and I've been using PV garage services since 14 years now. Those cars have both more than 250,000 miles each and they're both performing really well thanks to PV garage care. The folks there never pushed me to do repairs I didn't need. Their expertise is stellar, their rate reasonable and they're always on time. I feel incredibly lucky to have them so close to my home."

Ulrichh on 9/23/2012:
"Took the car in immediately and had it diagnosed the next day, even though no appointment made.
Simple and straight forward diagnosis, not trying to sell extra 'recommendations'. Fast and economic service. Thanks!"

Peterr on 9/14/2012:
"Great service as usual, missed seeing your dad on the walk back to the Priory.... usually we pass each other at around 7 am.... PeteR"

Jims on 9/12/2012:
"We had a 1986 BMW 535i that would not start. PVG found the problems, fixed the car promptly, and completed it a little ahead of the promised time so that we could collect the car within our very tight schedule. We could not have asked for better service."

Anonymous on 9/9/2012:
"Outstanding and beyond the norm customer service. A great team!"

Lydiar on 9/8/2012:
"Exemplary work and service. Took the car in for a smog check. Extemely courteous. Work was done promptly and the car was then turned around so that exit onto a busy street was simplified. Very important for a senior citizen. Even more important --- they are very trustworthy"

Nancyw on 9/7/2012:
"What I appreciate with the Portola Valley Garage is their technical competence and courtesy. I get to talk to the expert himself rather than just a gladhandler.

Their long and deep experience allows them to take good care of all my different makes of cars.

I am happy to refer all my friends to the PVG."

Anonymous on 9/5/2012:
"They always do a great job! Fair pricing and honest service -- I've been taking my car ther for years."

Peters on 8/29/2012:
"I was very satisfied with their service and would recommend them to anyone"

Anonymous on 8/25/2012:
"Portola Valley Garage is always thorough in serviceing my car and very knowledgeable about my Audi A4 AWD turbo (not the most common drivetrain in thw world)."

Patm on 8/23/2012:
"As usual you did a terrific job. Trunk now works, and new brakes are great.

Thanks to all"

Ericd on 8/18/2012:
"They are great, honest and reasonable."

Paigeb on 8/15/2012:
"You guys saved me! My battery died without warning while my Dad was ill and needed me in the hospital... within minutes you ordered me a new battery, provided me with a nice European loaner car and had me on my way! Within a few hours, I had MY car back, a stellar new battery installed and I no time in the entire fiasco. Car repair always feels rewarding when I go the PV Garage. You run a business the way it SHOULD be run. Thanks always Tom, Tim and Team!!!"

Johng on 8/10/2012:
"Always on time and smart and helpful. Great service, prompt and with good advice for other auto problems."

Kareng on 8/10/2012:
"Another incredibly good experience with PVG. My kids' car broke down, we dropped it off without an appointment and left for a trip, and "POOF!" it was fixed when we came home. Magic! Along with great service and care, as well as the security of knowing my kids are driving a well maintained, safe car. Thanks, PVG!"

Jerrym on 8/9/2012:
"Finally, everything lights up and, conversely, everything goes dark when I start my car and look at the sensor lights. Great. One thing did spook me; as I was driving to my office yesterday, the fuel gauge wandered downward about 10 miles into my drive. It adjusted back to its mid-level setting, which would be accurate, and it has remained stable as I drove around and drove home yesterday. I hope this doesn't take a return to the shop to fix. I'll keep an eye on it. I like the fact that my car is usually the newest car in the shop."

Kathleenm on 8/5/2012:
"I've been using PV for more than a decade now. Their service men are courteous, prompt, and reliable. I'd recommend them highly."

Anonymous on 8/2/2012:
"Why do we drive from Half Moon Bay to Portola Valley to get our cars maintained and repaired?

The answer is simple - responsible, careful mechanics who do what is needed, who are great to work with and who, in an emergency, are really there to solve problems. And they're personable and good to work with.

You would be hard-pressed to find better."

Thomast on 8/2/2012:
"Fast and good service as always."

Anonymous on 8/2/2012:
"Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient! Was impressed by all the factory diagnostic equipment!!!"

Armandn on 7/27/2012:
"Excellent and quick , friendly service"

Dierdrem on 7/27/2012:
"Great experience and service by all"

Joanned on 7/26/2012:
"Portola Valley Garage is the best! I asked that my service be done by 2:00 as I needed my car. I got a call at 12:00 that it was done. Nice people, great work, reasonable price."

Anonymous on 7/25/2012:
"I am very pleased with my service at PV Garage. Tim and Tom are very friendly and care about my concerns about my car. Not only are they reassuring and helpful, they fix the problem!"

Gloryb on 7/25/2012:
"Thank you for the 15,000 mi service for my new car!"

Dalep on 7/25/2012:
"We bought a used truck for our son and Tim did a pre purchase evaluation. He was very thorough and identified a couple of issues. After purchase, they repaired the truck in only one day! Outstanding service, communications, and attention to detail."

Rogern on 7/21/2012:
"High quality repair...again! Always a pleasure taking my autos to PV Garage. Tim/Tom's team is great."

Karenb on 7/14/2012:
"Tim at Portola Valley Garage is always friendly and gets work done promptly. He was able to ask a nice employee give me a ride home, then air conditioner was working again next day. I really feel confidant in repairs done there over many years with cars as old an ancient Mercedes, inherited little American car, and vans."

Johnw on 7/6/2012:
"The great service we love. Thanks. We really appreciate the cheerful, honest service we get on all our cars at PVG."

Anonymous on 7/6/2012:
"Tom fixed the window regulator on my BMW with a reasonable price, and was very flexible with when I can drop the car off. Job was done on time and now the window works perfectly.


Julias on 7/6/2012:
"PVG goes above and beyond.
Pricing is competitive - I never feel ripped off.
Their reminder/scheduling program is great."

Loelm on 7/5/2012:
"I totally trust Tim and Tom for taking care of my car."

Kathleen And E. on 7/4/2012:
"This is a very reliable repair shop. Never been disappointed with their service in any way."

Anonymous on 7/4/2012:
"Simply the best . The service and workmanship are the best at very reasonable prices. You don't have to worry about being scammed(important for women); they stand behind their work and really take care of your car."

Michaelw on 6/29/2012:
"PV garage diagnosed the noise as coming from the rear brakes; even though they were not being applied when backing up. They replaced the warped rotors and brake pads and the noise stopped. Good diagnostics without a lot of side trips that cost extra money."

Anonymous on 6/28/2012:
"We received quick, personalized service at Portola Valley Garage. Highly recomend them!"

Joang on 6/24/2012:
"as usual, a great customer experience. I brought the car in, got a loaner, and the work was done brilliantly and with a smile. I always feel safe and know my car is well looked after. thank you, Tim, for another great job."

Leoniew on 6/23/2012:
"It's just pleasantly easy to do business with PV Garage. Friendly, thorough and professional works for me."

Rickb on 6/21/2012:

Stuarto on 6/20/2012:
"great work - always is!"

Rogern on 6/17/2012:
"Always a positive experience! I have been taking my cars to PV Garage for 30 years...fair price, high quality work and always with a can-do positive attitude."

Mrs.b on 6/16/2012:
"our cars are serviced at the garage : I was able to just drive in and get the battery replaced after getting good advice on the phone."

Toml on 6/14/2012:
"Multiple visits have led to solid service; they do not try to get you to do the unnecessary. They finish when promised. One time I got a small scratch while my car was there; they arranged to have it painted cheerfully and quickly."

Chrisk on 6/9/2012:
"Okay, so I needed a headlamp on my car, among other things, so I made an appointment,but first Tim gives me the lamp for me to install, and says, "we'll figure cost later". I just love this neighborhood attitude. All on trust. And it's reciprocal. I'd trust these guys to do anything, let alone my car. The work is done perfectly every time, they're really flexible, and I would recommend them highly. They are really nice people, as well. Always good for a couple of good chortles."

Treenaj on 6/1/2012:
"I have always received prompt, professional, and friendly service from Portola Valley Garage.

They do a great job on my car!!"

Phillipw on 6/1/2012:
"Work done quickly and contact made to pickup suv, so I wasted no time and all was done in less than one-half day."

Brucef on 5/31/2012:
"we ha an intermittent problem (the worst kind to diagnose) and PVG was on top of it. the problem was found and fixed but for one thing. and PVG fixed the remaining item without charge, saying they so=houl have found it in the repair stage. integrity is getting harder to find but we were delighted to discover it at PVG."

Bobp on 5/31/2012:
"One of the great assets of living in Portola Valley is our local repair facility, which is the standard against which all others are measured; none come close. Taking your car to PVG is like having a friendly neighbor who just happens to be an expert and really wants to help you in your hour of need. Many thanks to Tommy, Tim, and the entire crew."

Anonymous on 5/26/2012:
"Very wonderful experience, as usual."

Kareng on 5/25/2012:
"The service is always thorough, well done and efficient. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Our family highly recommends this Garage!"

Dr. G. on 5/20/2012:
"Tim and the guys (Tom was vacationing in Hawaii) take excellent care of customers without draining your wallet. They gave good consideration to necessary repairs vs. those that could wait given a likely trade-in in the not to distant future. Beat the dealer prices for the same work and had it done right on time."

Kareng on 5/20/2012:
"Always a good experience at the PV Garage: Service is exceptional, both in terms of servicing my cars and making me feel good! I highly recommend this resource in our community!"

Harryt on 5/13/2012:
"Tim and Tom are the best.

They replaced the transmission as ordered and washed the car as bonus service. Angie delivered the car to my home."

Anonymous on 5/10/2012:
"excellent and considerate as usual"

Tanim on 5/10/2012:
"I always am treated with respect and kindness when I bring my cars in for service at Portola Valley Garage! I trust them, and they are fair in their prices.
Thank You!,
Tani McBain"

Teresar on 5/8/2012:
"Moving to California from Texas one of many tedious tasks is finding a good, trustworthy mechanic, one that does not condescend or dismiss the woman's intellect and know-how. My first experience at PV Garage was welcoming and went well, I expect to return for any future car maintenance needs."

Jamesc on 5/7/2012:
"Not the cheapest place in town, but the work is excellant, and they go out of their way to make it fast and efficient."

Cynthiac on 5/6/2012:
"fabulous as the new shoes"

Steveb on 5/4/2012:
"I have been using PVG for years and have recommended the garage because of the great leadership of Tim And Tom"

Jant on 4/30/2012:
"There I was - out in the middle of the ranch - and the front part of the truck hissed! what caused it to lose all its fluid ? Stay tuned! The Portola Valley Garage folks diagnosed, fixed it and got me on my way - AND this was a last-minute fly-in. Being accommodated on an emergency basis is gold! I love these guys."

Harry/wendyw on 4/27/2012:
"Great work as usual! The fan system on my 911 was running way too much and I knew something was amiss. The PV Garage crew found a stone jamming one of the radiator fans. Now everything runs perfectly.

Quick, expert and reasonably priced!!"

Susiec on 4/27/2012:
"My car is always serviced on time. These guys do an excellent job, with a smile."

Chrism on 4/22/2012:
"Excellent service as usual, and I always feel secure about your service."

Frankf on 4/22/2012:
"Thanks Tom for the great service! Very reliable in a pinch...these guys know what they are doing!!!!"

Johnb on 4/18/2012:
"I came in with a problem on
Friday/THe problem was located quickly and I was advised not to drive
the car . They gave me a loaner for the weekend. Fixed the problem
on Monday. You cannot get that kind of service any place else these

Janeb on 4/5/2012:
"In addition to prompt and excellent work on the maintenance, I was amazed that while I was parked outside the garage finishing a cell phone call, the mechanic got into my car, as he knew that I needed a ride to work. I did't even have to come inside. That is amazing customer service."

Jant on 4/1/2012:
"As usual, the 14 year old truck develops issues on Saturday morning - which don't resolve over the weekend. I come in to the shop on Monday morning with my hair on fire and Tim allows me to mess up his schedule. Tom drives me home (didn't have to pack along the bicycle) and the truck is ship shape by 5 p.m. It doesn't get any better than this in our car culture and our immediate demand mentality. I would have to abandon the truck for a bicycle if it weren't for the kind folks at PV Garage. And would get wet in the rain in the process. If you guys stop doing cars, I stop driving."

Jillf on 4/1/2012:
"The service at Portola Valley Garage is the best! I would not consider taking our cars anywhere else---ever! Have used them for years. Not one hickup!"

Kevinl on 3/31/2012:
"Had new brakes & an oil change 3/28/12. No surprises is a great thing. The right repairs, done in the time period planned on (same day) at a fair price. Can't ask for better."

Anonymous on 3/28/2012:
"very courteous, timely and professional.
offered a ride home if needed.

Had to make repeated visits to fix an old car and I was always well treated. The repairs were working and the car running smoothly"

Anonymous on 3/24/2012:
"I have used PV Garage for over 30 years for various vehicles: beat-up Jeep (over 200 K miles), BMW, Jag, Highlander, Toyota. Tom and Tim have been kind, courteous, and always go the extra mile to help. There is just no other garage better equipped for superior work and service."

Maryu on 3/22/2012:
"Service was prompt and even postponed expensive repair until next time.

Victorb on 3/21/2012:
"PV Garage is the greatest. Reasonable in price and excellent in quality of workmanship."

Johannap on 3/21/2012:
"Not only are the mechanics at PVG excellent at diagnosing and repairing: They are completely trustworthy!

And that's hard to find in this day and age."

Evelynb on 3/21/2012:
"My vehicle was in for a 60K service. Loaner vehicle was provided. Service was done in less than six hours. Service personnel were knowledgeable and courteous."

Diannab on 3/17/2012:
"Excellent, and timely as always!"

Johnc on 3/8/2012:
"Thank you Tim. I asked about the fog lights when I picked up the car. How silly of me to doubt that this would be overlooked. Not only do they happily glow as I drive around, but I found the note to check them on the key tag. Thanks again for the great work.
Edith Collin"

Jeffa on 3/7/2012:
"For years, I've been taking my car to the dealer to get it serviced. Yesterday, I took it to Tom. I dropped it off in the morning, picked up at 5, brought it home. In the meantime, Tim changed the oil, got me a new battery and got my tires replaced; I did have to make 3 phone calls to do all that. The car is running great, I didn't spend my day at the service shop. Why didn't I do this years ago? Thanks, PV Garage!!"

Bobp on 3/4/2012:
"excellent service and customer relations. What a local jewel."

Anner on 3/1/2012:
"friendly, flexible, and experts at what they do. There is always an on time estimate and the work is always done well and on time. It is always a pleasure to work with Portola Valley Garage and their team."

Harryt on 3/1/2012:
"They are always flexible, adaptive, and responsive to my needs."

Anonymous on 3/1/2012:
"The customary outstanding job. Excellent, professional, pleasurable."

Rogern on 2/26/2012:
"Great response! Again great service at a quality price!"

Violetb on 2/25/2012:
"These guys are the best. The shop is honest and is better at diagnosing problems then the dealer. Tim has never let me down and my car is always done when promissed."

Joang on 2/24/2012:
"I had an unexpected problem on a rainy Sunday evening when the starter on my car just stopped working!! I had the car towed to PVG and put it near the fence and left 2 frantic messages for Tim. He called me first thing (actually 20 minutes before they open on Monday) and said he could get it fixed and give me a loaner for the day. He even did the regular maintenance which was scheduled for two weeks later and did the smog check. these guys are fast, efficient, with you when you most need them and really nice guys too!

I recommend them HIGHLY and am with them because both my neighbors have loved their service for the past 40 and 30 years!! we are lucky to have PVG in the 'hood!"

Janeb on 2/20/2012:
"Usual great job on service work. While working on the car, they found a bent rotor, let me know and gave me a reasonably priced estimate that they stuck to. Done when promised. Great to work with."

Rogern on 2/19/2012:
"its always a positive experience at Portola Valley Garage! Thank you."

Anonymous on 1/23/2012:
"My car was completely out of commission when the alternator died. My usual garage couldn't get me in for several days. PV Garage got the car right in, confirmed the problem and got it fixed the next day. Tim was delightful to deal with. I'd definitely recommend PV Garage."

Carolc on 1/20/2012:
"the service is efficient, professional, reasonable, and very pleasant--------"

Joe/marym on 1/16/2012:
"Great service. Everyone is helpful and nice."

Anonymous on 1/15/2012:
"A few small things done on two 10-year old cars - as always: promptly, competently, reliably and very friendly."

Jant on 1/14/2012:
"There's no way I could keep this ageing truck going without Tim and Tom
They are family.

Jan Newstrom Thompson"

Dr. A. on 1/13/2012:
"Totally fair & trustworthy. You guys are a pleasure to work with."

Nicoler on 1/12/2012:
"I am so impressed by the professionalism and wonderful quality of work done by the Portola Valley Garage. My car was beautifully serviced. What impressed me even more is when I got dropped off at home and later went to start my back up car, the battery was dead. Tim was at my house within minutes to get the second car started. They are wonderful; I highly recommend the entire team."

Anonymous on 1/7/2012:
"Outstanding, as usual. Warm, friendly, intelligent service."

Judyp on 1/3/2012:
"I appreciate your prompt and courteous service. Thank you especially for the loner car!"

Ulricha on 1/2/2012:
"I went to PVGarage to get the tire pressure checked at my Lexus. Tim showed me that despite the profiles still being quite ok, the tires had cracks on the sides. Important information as you don't want a tire to blow out when you're driving on the highway.

The tires were exchanged for new ones same day.
That's another example for good care taking by the team at PVGarage."

Victorb on 12/25/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage can't be beat. It's a pleasure dealing with such capable and honest people."

Anonymous on 12/15/2011:
"We would highly recmmend Portola Valley Garage."

Glenn And D. on 12/15/2011:
"As always, Portola Valley Garage took great care of both me and my car! I received a nice 2011 toyota Camry as my "loaner" and even though I was late bringing my car in for a major service, PVG took great care of my car and did everything in a timely manner. Tim called me twice to let me know the status of the repairs and my car was ready in a day. Great job once again."

Duanew on 12/11/2011:
"Great service, as usual! Got appointment right away with late call.Thanks."

Kareng on 12/4/2011:
"Unintentionally created a situation where I needed a service "now"... and PV Garage came through with flying colors! As our car's service light came on right before a road trip, PV Garage made everything work out, and we enjoyed both the experience at the garage AND the road trip! Thanks!"

Dianes on 12/1/2011:
"I stopped in for new wiper blades, Tim ordered them, and they were delivered in about 3 hours. When I went down to have the blades installed the mechanic (don't know his name) also took care of my glove box that wouldn't open.

Nice people and the best service in the Bay area. Thanks to everyone at PV Garage, our not so new cars are in tip top shape."

Anonymous on 11/24/2011:
"I can count on great, friendly service. Tim warned me that I need new tires. (The tire shop where I bought them and had a leak fixed two weeks ago didn't mention it -- go figure!)"

Anonymous on 11/23/2011:
"PVG does great work. The owner and staff are extremely knowledgeable, courteous and responsive. You pay more for service here, but it's worth it."

Anonymous on 11/19/2011:
"PVG mechanics and management can be trusted to supply excellent and friedly service at a competitive price.


Dr. G. on 11/18/2011:
"When the alternator catches fire on your main service vehicle, having a garage that will go right to work is critical. Tom and his staff stepped up to the plate and got the job done and I was back to work. Thanks so much"

Jackw on 11/17/2011:
"Great Service. Very Honest. I highly recommend Portola Valley Garage.

Jack Wilson
Linwood Realty
4388 Alpine"

Anonymous on 11/17/2011:
"Wish my car was as reliable as PV Garage."

Johng on 11/14/2011:
"This is a great garage. Smart people, prompt with broad skills. I regard them as the best I've ever encountered and would seek their advice before anyone else in the business.

John B. Goodrich"

Anonymous on 11/14/2011:
"PV Garage is dependable and honest. It is not cheap, but getting it done right the first time makes it worth the price. They have serviced all of our cars - old beaters to brand new cars that are still on warranty - all very much to our satisfaction."

Anonymous on 11/12/2011:
"I am happy to add another 5 star review for PVG! I've been bringing my car to the team for about 4 years. I always receive thoughtful responses and advice; complete information; very convenient scheduling; and extremely fair fees. I refer folks here all the time."

Maggieb on 11/9/2011:
"I wouldn't have written a letter if I'd known I could thank you this way. It's so comforting to know where I can go with all my car concerns."

Harryt on 11/7/2011:
"They get it done! It's right and there's no fuss. Customer service couldn't be better."

Amitabhp on 11/1/2011:
"The guys at The Portola Valley Garage are really exceptional at customer service. They are simply so nice. I have been going there for years. I initiated this recent service with the idea that I would do something rather expensive but purely aesthetic. It would have been an easy way for the garage to make some money, but instead of encouraging such folly, they said it was awfully expensive and was I really sure I wanted to do it when a different service would cheaply and easily fulfill the non-aesthetic aspect of the job. I came to my senses and chose the cheaper option, but I can easily imagine a different garage which would have kept their mouth closed or even tried to support my interest in the unnecessary work. Not these guys. Good for them."

Garym on 10/28/2011:
"Hey Tim,

The antenna that you installed is not supposed to go up when the car starts. It is supposed to go up when the radio is turned on. Also the antenna switch on the dash is supposed to operate the antenna up and down. It doesn't work.


Gary McKae"

Anonymous on 10/22/2011:
"Great individual service for my unique car, reasonable prices, able to communicate via e-mail. Wonderful!"

Joang on 10/21/2011:
"I just came back from the best experience. Tim set up the appointment earlier than planned because I hit the mileage gate. I dropped the car off, got a loaner, got notification that I needed new brake pads, and returned the loaner, picke up my car. TIm is the nicest guy, very competent and organized, and really makes me feel safe and that all the checks have been made.

Wendyv on 10/20/2011:
"I dropped by with a broken front signal light. Tim had the part ordered and replaced in less than 24 hours. Friendly, helpful and professional. I'll be back!"

Billl on 10/18/2011:
"I find that I am taking my "under warranty" vehicles to PVG sometimes because they know what they are doing and they get it right the first time. Yes, the dealer will do it for "free" under warranty but if it's a little complicated or a high performance or speciality vehicle they seem to only get some of it right and you end up having to take it back to get the whole job done. I wish PVG could do warranty work - then I'd never need to go elsewhere."

Garym on 10/16/2011:
"The question is what type of shocks did you put in it. It is a bit rough. Wouldn't Bilstien be a better choice for smoother ride? I had them in by Off-road GMC and on or off the ride was far better the present Range Rover."

Nancyj on 10/15/2011:
"As usual, I got great service at PV Garage. They fixed an irritating problem, caught one early, and did the repairs quickly."

Anonymous on 10/12/2011:
"Great service, great job. It is a very professional team doing great work at a more reasonable cost than what you would pay at the dealer. The convenience is also huge since they are right down the street. I recommend them highly."

Anonymous on 10/8/2011:
"What a nice experience, to have my car picked up, all the work done, and delivered back all in the same day!"

Mitzim on 10/6/2011:
"Over the past 30 + years, you have provided the highest quality care for my family"s various cars. The Jeep was kept running for 250,000 miles!!! Everyone there offers the best experience and level of workmanship to the customer."

Kareng on 10/5/2011:
"Not only is the auto maintenance and repair impeccable, but the service is superb! My recent "issues" turned out to be "user error," so I got a driving lesson in with my auto repair! Now that's service!"

Janetw on 10/2/2011:
"The men are always friendly and helpful. They will explain my questions. Service was done very timely and making the appointment was quick, even at the last minute. Thanks."

Lorena on 9/30/2011:
"They met me at my dead car, got it to the garage, fixed the problem, then delivered my car to my home. GREAT service!"

Gloryb on 9/30/2011:
"Thank you for your good work in repairing my car and also your kindness and concern about my safety in driving it. I appreciate your recommendations.
Glory Bratton"

Bobl on 9/29/2011:
"Been bringing my cars here for 10 years. These guys are totally honest - in addition to being excellent mechanics. Their original estimate for a sensor replacement was $850 (ouch!) - normally this would have required removing the exhaust manifold. But they figured away around it...without replacing the manifold - and only charged me $450. What more can I say. These guys are great, totally trustworthy."

Jant on 9/28/2011:
"I rely on Tom and Tim to keep my cars and truck happy. These guys are like my family. I rely on them for everything my vehicle family might need."

Carriel on 9/23/2011:
"I took my car in for its regular oil change and winterizing of my radiator. I mentioned that my car had run very hot coming back from the coast on highway 84.

My oil has been changed. All fluids were filled, and my car is no longer running hot. The radiator was plugged and had a cracked cap. My 24-year-old Acura Legend is running like new again!"

Danielc on 9/22/2011:
"Complex repair taken care of efficiently and professionally. Better than the dealer because I didn't have to listen to their scare tactics of "you had better also do this and that and the other for an additional $2000". Just what was needed.

It is nice when a shop is decent enough, good enough, and has enough work that they don't need to expand the scope of a job for their self interest.."

Georgiab on 9/21/2011:
"EXCELLENT service! had a dead battery-- they jump started the car; picked it up, replaced the battery and delivered the car to home!

This kind of service is so rare nowadays...


Johnt on 9/19/2011:
"Excellent service and very timely. Tom and Tim services this account an expediteous manner and with courtesy. It is very much appreciated."

Bobm on 9/19/2011:
"Great, great, great, and great!"

Carolf on 9/17/2011:
"Even though we moved 10 miles away, we continue to take our cars to PV Garage where we know we will get the repairs and maintenance our cars need and that work will be performed by skilled mechanics who will be there the next time we need them. Thanks for keeping our cars in great condition!"

Chrisk on 9/16/2011:
"These guys are the real deal. Professional and no pressure. They let you know every detail about your car, discuss it with you, then break it down on the most important repairs needed, and give you choices on how to handle it and when. Slightly higher in cost, but really worth it. I'd recommend them to anyone. Just go in and feel them out. And they've been there for years. My folks used to use them 30 years ago. They must be doing something right."

Janiceo on 9/14/2011:
"I brought my car in for a smog test and asked if they could install my after-market GPS that I foolishly bought with no research. They said that they could but they knew of a better and less expensive place that could do so. Since I was going to be gone for the following 2 weeks they did the smog, got the specialized place to install the GPS, and left the car back in my driveway before I got home. These guys really bent over backwards to help solve my problems. THANK YOU PORTOLA VALLEY GARAGE!"

Harryt on 9/12/2011:
"Tim and Tom do it right. They inform, they take the initiative. How could their service be any better? ^5 :-)"

Anonymous on 9/8/2011:
"Thank you for your excellent service."

Phillipw on 9/2/2011:
"great service and on time"

Jant on 9/1/2011:
"Tom and Tim run a reliable shop. Our 3 vehicles have prospered under their professional care. That professionalism extends to their personal realtionship with devoted customers."

Evelynb on 8/30/2011:
"Liked the new web site and the ability to make appointments on line.
Service was excellent."

Anonymous on 8/29/2011:
"Two cars were in for scheduled maintenance and as usual the service at PV Garage was prompt, efficient and excellent."

Joanned on 8/27/2011:
"PV Garage's service was great, as usual!"

Janeb on 8/26/2011:
"We brought our Accura for service and knew that we had to do a belt change. Everything was done well and on time, but PVG also found an engine mounting bracket that was broken and meant that the engine was not secure. They fixed it at no additional cost. That is why we trust them for all of our cars. Thanks guys."

Sueb on 8/18/2011:
"Thank you for keeping my 14 year old BMW 3 series running and in top shape. It gives me great peace of mind to know that the car is reliable."

Kareng on 8/12/2011:
"I took two cars in, one after the other. Fast and efficient service, as well as considerate, professional and exceptionally friendly staff! They never miss anything, and they make me feel safe and confident driving my cars (and having my teens drive them!) Thank you, PVG!"

Lynnet on 8/9/2011:
"Excellent service, as usual. That's why the Portola Valley Garage handles all of our cars!"

Tonyr on 8/5/2011:
"PVGarage has been looking after my cars since 1954? or 1957? and have been great and continue to be so. Many thanks for years of good service. Tony Rose"

Tedg on 7/26/2011:
"After taking our 1999 Mercedes to the dealership for service for 11 years, and invariably getting a call telling us we needed thousands of dollars of additional work, it was such a pleasure to have someone do both a servicing and smog check (virtually for the price of just a smog check at the dealership)and then tell us what might be needed in the future but was too minor to address right now. We even got a phone call to tell us it was ready a bit earlier than scheduled. All this and proximity, too."

Junet on 7/26/2011:
"Great job in time promised. Wonderful help to the old folks at the Sequoias. Jack & June"

Anonymous on 7/23/2011:
"Terrific, thorough, friendly service. Just a wonderful experience. A real community feel, with the attendant excellent quality given to a fellow member of the community."

Barbarah on 7/23/2011:
"Everything was done well including a new battery and 2 new tires that weren't known about before the appointment. Chuck Harwood"

Stuarto on 7/22/2011:
"i called Tom early Friday morning with a coolant leak. by afternoon he had ordered, received and replaced the failed part( lent me his car too , so I could make an appointment i could not cancel)"

Anonymous on 7/21/2011:
"As usual, excellent work. Very good work on our German cars."

Williamh on 7/20/2011:
"The men at the Portola Valley Garage took in my partially crippled Mustang and resuscitated it, giving it new brakes, a smoother running engine and eliminated a loud rattle.

Good work, men!

Dr Bill Hayden"

Georgiab on 7/19/2011:
"EXCELLENT service; friendly, courteous and knowledgeable staff. A credit to the Valley--longtime residents appreciate this quality institution!"

Cynthia And B. on 7/17/2011:
"These guys can be trusted to find and fix ANY kind of car problem.
(Well except maybe a problem affording the car you want, haven't trod asking them to fix that. But over 25 years we've had just about every other kind if car problem, from needs a bolt tightened to needs a new engine, and we've never once come away without a solution that worked."

Anonymous on 7/15/2011:
"they are great with service - and can take a look at the car you are buying to assess its merit - make quick adjustments to their schedule for an emergency.

Most importantly, very discrete if do something... silly ... like you run out of gas or you forget to leave the car in gear or the emergency break on."

Anonymous on 7/15/2011:
"Excellent work, outstanding service, and the nicest people you could ever know. Just the best all around."

Mr. B. on 7/13/2011:
"Very professional operation. Made and kept appoinment. Did work promptly. Qulity of work and service is always excellent. I recommended the Portola Valley garage wholeheartedly.


Nancib on 7/13/2011:
"They really know what they are doing. Any if they don't know what the problem is at first....they will really spend the time to figure it out."

Louisep on 7/13/2011:
"Professional work done with a smile."

W. B. on 7/6/2011:
"Always capable, efficient, friendly. (I've used the garage for very many years.)"

Marcim on 7/1/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage was great. They fixed my car quickly and efficiently and explained everything to me as they went. Thanks!"

Tomw on 7/1/2011:
"Professional, thorough, honest. Obviously the place is run by people who are passionate about their work. Rock on, PVG!"

Anonymous on 6/30/2011:
"PVG has serviced a Jeep Wagoneer for 26 years that recently achieved a zero emissions rating on the enhanced Calif smog test. Martin Ramies diagnosed and located a design flaw in the Jeep radiator alignment back in '86 that induced too much vibration into the radiator, causing the seams to leak. He fixed it, and it has never leaked since. Tom Ramies and Tim Harris figured out how to bolt a later model 1990s Jeep aluminum bumper on, in place of the old, original heavy chrome bumper- Cook's Auto Body said, " it couldn't be done." More recently on a modern Yukon, PVG saved us time and money by replacing worn out parts with used GM parts they had on hand. Finally, and most importantly, PVG takes care of your car when it is under their control. There is abundant parking so that your car doesn't come back from the shop with dings, scrapes or worse."

Edm on 6/30/2011:
"Tom and company worked me in for a fast smog check at the same price I would have paid for slogging my way down to a shop on El Camino Real. I was in and out in 20 mins and he is only 5 mins from my house. I'll be back...."

Victorb on 6/29/2011:
"PV Garage meets all my demands for the repair of my cars.

Victor Buhrke"

Diannab on 6/19/2011:
"5 star excellent look forward to next tune up"

Billa on 6/18/2011:
"Tim and Tom are the best !"

Janeb on 6/16/2011:
"We have been going to PV Garage for almost 7 years and they handle all type of work. They are reasonably priced, honest and provide high quality service."

Junet on 6/16/2011:
"Great service job and even picked car up at old folks home (Sequoias) but didn't wash windows."

Angelicav on 6/13/2011:
"Always good service at Portola Valley Garage!!!"

Bobbys on 6/12/2011:
"PVG has been servicing our cars for years. They've never given me a reason to consider any other shop.They fix my cars. They work fast. They use great quality parts. They stand by their work. They don't lie to me. I don't have any personal or business connection with any of bias motivating this."

Anonymous on 6/10/2011:
"Excellent service as usual. Pro-active, which I like."

Anonymous on 6/10/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage is the best around and the best, period. The expertise,the diligence,the service, and the friendliness are all outstanding. We are fortunate to have them in the community."

Joang on 6/4/2011:
"I bring my car in for the regular 115k maintenance and go away feeling that I am safe for the next six months. this is priceless. Tim is really accomodating and loaned me a car to do errands during the checkup. this is too easy and too good! and its in the neighborhood"

Janiceo on 6/3/2011:
"Always great service and really love the ease of scheduling on line."

S.t on 6/3/2011:
"It is difficult to find an auto mechanic, let alone one where I feel Im being taken care of (not taken). Fortunately when moving to Portola Valley in 1988 we were advised that PV Garage was the best place to have our car serviced/repaired. The entire crew has more than lived up to our expectations. They can fix anything from a Model T Ford to a Rolls Royce, they know their customers by name and they are active supporters of the Portola Valley community."

Elizabethh on 5/28/2011:
"While me car was in the shop, my old cars battery died and Tim even let me keep his portable battery charger "just in case" I had a problem while I was out and about.
Friendly, timely, resonably priced car service. Thank you!"

Kareng on 5/28/2011:
"Friendly and accommodating, you can't get better service than PV Garage! We've had about 20 years of experience there, and we are always very pleased with the results. We appreciate the personable and professional employees who become friends with their customers, giving care that goes above and beyond. Thank you, PV Garage!"

Anonymous on 5/27/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage is run by friendly, knowledgeable people. They do a good job....get back to you in a timely fashion, and repair your car professionally. They are moderately expensive, but you get what you pay for in this case, which is a job well done."

Rayr on 5/27/2011:
"Great work. Timely. Found all the issues putting confidence back into the vehicle for my family."

Jillc on 5/26/2011:
"never disappointed once in 25 years. seems like a pretty good record to me."

Alanc on 5/26/2011:
"Gratitude, not just for the excellent service, but also for the kind words and appreciation of my old old car."

Anonymous on 5/25/2011:
"Excellent service with a smile. They were even kind enough to drive my car back to my home, & leave in in my driveway!"

Rickb on 5/24/2011:
"Great,timely service, with loaner provided. A price better than my old garage, which is a big shop with many more customers. PVG even got me new tires although they don't carry them; the price was nearly that of Costco."

Loelm on 5/22/2011:
"They have always been honest and up front with me - and I have never been overcharged."

Mrss on 5/21/2011:
"DITTO - DITTO - DITTO - 5 word request completed as requested."

Anonymous on 5/17/2011:
"We have a frequent problem with rodents chewing through wires under the hood and PV Garage always tends to this quickly and efficiently. The joys (!) of country living..."

Jillh on 5/15/2011:
"Great service - very accommodating! Helped take care of several little things needed to keep our cars running well. They make car repairs less painful. Love them!"

Anng on 5/10/2011:
"I've been going to the PV Garage since it first opened and consider myself very lucky to have such great service in my neighborhood."

Jackw on 5/8/2011:
"Tim listened to the noise, put his finger on the bad part, and had it fixed quickly. These guys know what they are doing, and they are easy to do business with. I highly recommend them."

Susiec on 5/8/2011:
"Wouldn't go anywhere else. I trust these guys!"

Anonymous on 5/6/2011:
"Thanks again for doing everything possible to make something as annoying as fixing a car a good experience! Quick & Easy - who can ask for more?"

Julie F. on 5/5/2011:
"i have been a customer at PVG for many years and each time is a delight (although the news they had to deliver to me this time was not delightful - i.e. time for a new car...). the level of customer service is always impressive and i receive practical, honest advice about what might be good to do "next time", etc. the garage itself is impeccably clean which is a good indicator of the level of service. they each take pride in their surroundings as well as their work and enjoy their work. i am so grateful that i found tim harris 24 years ago and followed him to PVG. Thanks for being there guys!"

Jamesw on 5/3/2011:
"PVG are always honest and provide stellar service! First they did my clutch, flywheel and pressure plate, now I just had them replace the timing belt, pulleys, waterpump, thermostat and coolant and all is good as new. Appreciate these guys taking the extra steps and letting me know about history in the computer just so that I'm aware, and making sure the timing was perfect after the belt replacement. Only place my car goes to be wrenched on!"

Patm on 4/23/2011:
"Everything was perfect as usual. Thanks for all of your help

Pat Morgan"

Kirkec on 4/18/2011:
"It dawned a beautiful day because I knew all would go well. I dropped my car off at Portola Garage and it was lovingly cared for and returned to me at the end of the day with a bill so small I turned it over to look for more on the back! My car was humming as I put it back into our garage. Thank you, Dottie Comstock"

Jant on 4/18/2011:
"The Portola Valley Garage is the only place I would trust to keep my aging fleet up and running!"

Ronnier on 4/16/2011:
"Most unexpected arrival of our Audi at your doorstep unannounced via a flatbed from AAA.
Once again you accommodated us and delivered the service we have come to know and value.
Thank you for your allegiance to "GogoRu" our 130,000 mile plus Audi that is the joy of our life.

Ronnie and Jim Rudolph"

Thomass on 4/15/2011:
"thanks to the crack team of specialists at Portola Valley Garage, we will be driving the Mercedes in pristine condition for another 100k miles. Love the friendly service, clear communication, and most especially, the smooth running car."

Franks on 4/14/2011:
"Tim worked Nancy's Jeep into your busy schedule and got us back on the road within 24 hours. We truly appreciate your great service and professionalism."

Anonymous on 4/12/2011:
"The folks at Portola Valley Garage are always on time and on budget, as well as unfailingly helpful at keeping an older model car and my newer car in top form."

Anonymous on 4/7/2011:
"I've recently moved to town and tried PV Garage. It was a great experience."

Thomast on 4/5/2011:
"Thanks Tim. Worked out great"

Elizabeth Weil on 4/3/2011:
"We love Portola Valley Garage. Their service is prompt and professional, and the people are always super friendly!"

Elizabethw on 4/3/2011:
"We love Portola Valley Garage. Their service is prompt and professional, and the people are always super friendly!"

Neil D. on 3/31/2011:
"Appreciate the excellent status communication. Solved a problem others couldn't."

Phillip W. on 3/26/2011:
"always have vehicle ready when requested"

Anonymous A. on 3/26/2011:
"Knowledgeable, flexible, competitive prices. Seems like quality work (recent first time customer, scheduled maintenance), but what do I know. I will be a return customer."

Loel Mcphee on 3/25/2011:
"For years - I have trusted my cars to Portola Valley Garage. Always fair always excellent work. Thank you"

Thomas Turner on 3/25/2011:
"You want work done properly come here"

Anthony Didonato on 3/25/2011:
"Great customer svc -- Didn't try to upsell anything. Car was ready when promised."

Anonymous A. on 3/25/2011:
"Wonderful! Outstanding! Always a pleasure dealing with you. You do a terrific job!"

Graham Creasey on 3/24/2011:
"Carried out smoothly what was required. Was able to accommodate a change of date graciously"

Richard Eckstein on 3/24/2011:
"A 20 year customer. Enough said."

John Kawaja on 3/21/2011:
"rates were reasonable, people seem nice and honest. I'll go back."

P. Turnquist on 3/20/2011:
"Wonderful service with any hassle."

Marquis K. on 3/19/2011:
"As alsways, PVG is the best. They find the problem and solve it."

Bob M. on 3/18/2011:
"It's a first rate business."

Anonymous A. on 3/18/2011:
"Love this local and personal service. It is a big comfort to know that the personnel knows you personally."

Carole Rowe on 3/17/2011:
"You all are always the best."

Jim Gibbons on 3/17/2011:
"I have a 2002 Mercedes Benz 320 and a 2001 BMW 540i, both of which are now serviced at PVG. I always receive excellent, courteous service; and for the first time in my long experience with car repairs, the work is done right the first time, on both cars."

Bob P. on 3/16/2011:
"PVGarage combines the best of two worlds: highly professional and trained technicians with small-town intimacy. They are not the cheapest, but they do it right the first time, go the extra mile to satisfy their customers, and give the local area a world-class repair facility in our back yard. What is not to like?"

Anonymous A. on 3/16/2011:
"The service I received here was very prompt and courteous. Tim is very honest and professional. I had a great experience."

Chris Pfistner on 3/14/2011:
"Portola Valley has been servicing all our cars since 2007 and consistently delivers outstanding service at a fair price. Our jobs range from regular service on normal cars to demanding custom work on our highly modified off road camper. The staff is very knowledgable, always friendly and offers different repair options where possible. I highly recommend this garage no matter what car you drive. Chris Pfistner"

Jack W. on 3/11/2011:
"Best Mechanics, good honest service. Can't find a better Mechanic, I'm talking about service, tenacity and pricing."

D. A. on 3/10/2011:
"Tim and Tom, Thank you for putting the Sprite back together. "She" is beautiful! What a fun ride home last night. Hope to see you soon!"

Anonymous A. on 3/10/2011:
"PVG does excellent work. They communicate well, let you know what is going on, when your car will be done, any surprises that come up. They just tend to be a bit pricey, but worth the extra cost for excellent service."

Christi Fleming on 3/9/2011:
"Superb of course. Quick and efficient, with a good looking race car driver on staff."

David Beaver on 3/8/2011:
"PVG is the greatest. I totally trust them. I used to be a car guy myself, and I've never known them to give me anything but accurate advice, great service and fair pricing."

Anonymous A. on 3/6/2011:
"I thought something was wrong with my car. I was wrong. Portola Valley Garage told me. They did not charge me anything. I am a fan."

Anonymous A. on 3/4/2011:
"Everything was done according to plan. Nice to see Tom."

Jay B. on 3/3/2011:
"The team at PVG are the most knowledgeable experts I've encountered. They were able to immediately diagnose the problems, recommend and implement a permanent solution resolving all issues."

Anonymous A. on 3/2/2011:
"Thanks so much for taking care of the dead battery on a moments notice! I so appreciated that!!"

Anonymous A. on 2/25/2011:
"Solved my problem and accommodated my schedule. Fantastic local business. I highly recommend this place. Service is always good."

Anonymous A. on 2/21/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage is a service business that you can count on for all of your vehicles. they are always there to help you when you need it and in a timely manner!"

Anonymous A. on 2/15/2011:
"PVG Diagnosed & repaired my car, then let me drive it for a week to see if all the problems were fixed! Excelent, reassuring, stressless service."

Jan T. on 2/15/2011:
"there is no where else that my family would consider taking our vehicles. The level of professionalism, competency and personal attention is incomparable."

Karen G. on 2/13/2011:
"You all found and fixed issues I didn't think could be fixed! Thanks!"

Jean Johnston on 2/12/2011:
"Reliable, quick and honest and will go out their way to help the customer."

Anonymous A. on 2/2/2011:
"smog check was done quickly"

Anonymous A. on 2/1/2011:
"We were veryplease with the service. Were told that the car did not need new breaks when the dealer had told us it did."

Chris/elizabeth S. on 2/1/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage is trustworthy, respectful, punctual, nice, friendly and honest technicians. They act like they know you for years and get the job done at a timely fashion. They have class and style!"

Jason S. on 1/31/2011:
"from beginning to end these guys never fail to diagnose and fix the problem. if anyone could possibly complain it would be that PVG finds problems that have yet to announce themselves and fixes them before they leave you calling AAA from the side of the road"

Joan G. on 1/28/2011:
"I needed a simple oil change but wanted a checkup and confirmation that the car was okay and was able to schedule this for first thing. PVG showed commitment to its promise and skill at doing the assessment and the people are really nice too!"

Diane Shattuck on 1/28/2011:
"I love this place--so convenient."

Anonymous A. on 1/24/2011:
"The problem was diagnosed and the appropriate repair was made."

Anonymous A. on 1/21/2011:
"The email notification of the needed service interval was appreciated, as was the assessment of the condition of my old car and what it needed to keep running safely and reliably. PV garage was open bright and early, and finished the work on time, and had all parts needed to complete the service in one day."

David Pasta on 1/8/2011:
"I have complete faith in the honesty and fairness of PVG. They are the best."

Anonymous A. on 1/8/2011:
"Friendly and pleasant place"

Peter R. on 1/6/2011:
"Everything was excellent as usual, people, services and even cost."

Kelly D. on 1/4/2011:
"Portola Valley Garage is great to work with. Don't know what I would do without them."

Kathleen M. on 12/31/2010:
"excellent service, as usual"

Carol F. on 12/28/2010:
"Thank you so much for taking care of the ole BMW so it could make another trip to Southern California for the holidays. We appreciate the good care you always give the cars and we are so happy you were able to do this little job so quickly. You've had our business when we lived in Portola Valley and still have it now that we live in Woodside. Continued success to Portola Valley Garage!"

Anonymous A. on 12/23/2010:
"Compared with other mechanics, Portola Valley garage is excellent. Compared with past experiences at Portola Valley garage, this particular one was average and typical."

Nora R. on 12/16/2010:
"I can trust that my car is being serviced completely. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Gary M. on 12/15/2010:
"They keep to their bid and provided the car within the time line given. It's old, but it looks and runs great!"

Anonymous A. on 12/11/2010:
"I take two cars there for service. The recent visit was for a severe leak in my Mercedes 350 ML with water pouring in under the dashboard on the right. They found the problem (crack in the sun roof) and fixed it and it a lot less than the original estimate. The car remains dry after the recent rainstorm."

Carole R. on 12/10/2010:
"Close to home. Friendly. Reliable. Trustworthy."

Anonymous A. on 12/10/2010:
"I don't see how you guys could be any better. I appreciated you referral to 5Points for tires of which I now have 4 new ones. They too are professionals. It wasn't necessary this time, but we have appreciated rides back and forth in the past."

George H. on 12/10/2010:
"Friendly convenient reliable service. Dry humor a plus also."

Alan C. on 12/8/2010:
"Very responsive to our needs--both cars."

Rob Y. on 12/8/2010:
"Thanks very much for fixing it all the way. Gives me great confidence that you service the vehicle"

Anonymous A. on 12/8/2010:
"Rely on them to keep my old car performing well"

Pam F. on 12/7/2010:
"It was great that I could get the car fixed so quickly without an appointment. Thanks very much."

Jane B. on 12/7/2010:
"Always terrific and honest."

Kit C. on 12/2/2010:
"Not only do I always enjoy the friendliness there, but I trust them. I never feel like they are trying to talk me into unnecessary work and often feel like I get more than I pay for. Thank you Guys!"

Lynn P. on 11/27/2010:
"We had our car towed late Monday and had a new fuel pump in by Wednesday morning."

Kevin R. on 11/21/2010:
"We took our mini van in for full 90K tune up. They provided us with a loaner car as we have kids and could not go without a car. The service was fast and detailed. They communicated with us throughout the day and there were no surprises. i always trust them."

Jack Wilson on 11/6/2010:
"Do appreciate Honest craftsmanship and reasonable pricing"

Anonymous A. on 10/30/2010:
"Fair, honest and know what they are doing"

Barney/katie L. on 10/22/2010:
"PV Garage is helpful,friendly and thorough in maintaining and addressing our car problems. Thank you Tim and Tom."

Karen G. on 10/19/2010:
"The staff members are courteous and welcoming in their interactions with customers, efficient and accurate in their scheduling, and technically accurate and dependable in their work."

Dr. Alan B. on 10/17/2010:
"Have used PG for 30 years with every type of vehicle, and I have had only the best experience with them."

Joan G. on 10/15/2010:
"I brought my car in and asked you to review suggestions from the manufacturer, including the 100,000 mile service. I was delighted with the ownership and review I got from both Tim and Tom, and the actual service event was timely and well managed, including providing a loaner car so I could continue normal activities. I trust you to keep me safe.. You were highly recommended by my neighbors on both sides who have used you for 40 years on one side and 30 years on the other side."

Michael Wright on 10/13/2010:
"My questions were answered, the work was finished when promised and Tim was very helpful."

Chris M. on 10/12/2010:
"We appreciate the fact that you are always able to give us an appointment when we want service."

Doris S. on 10/11/2010:
"HONEST, friendly, willing to answer any question and work you in when necessary."

Tom/cathy W. on 10/11/2010:
"PVG is a small family run business that does the best possible job for me. Always friendly, always responsive, and always gets the job done professionally at a reasonable price."

Anonymous A. on 10/5/2010:
"Very courteous, on-time, on-budget, and sensitive to the car. Our long-time repair-shop has been great for many years on 4 of our vehicles!"

Anonymous A. on 10/2/2010:
"From the time I made my appointment with Tim, until the completion of the job, it was very obvious that the customer is very important here. I would rate the service 110% and will entrust them with my car for all future service."

Carole R. on 10/1/2010:
"It is close to my home. They help me with ride home if needed. Friendly. Highly competent."

F. M. on 10/1/2010:
"Super efficient, honest and reliable service, performed with a smile."

Lynn P. on 9/30/2010:
"Rapid scheduling, pleasant service, delivered as promised"

Jan Thompson on 9/30/2010:
"Portola Valley Garage is the only place I would consider taking my cars to."

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/25/2010:
"Total confidence in your work."

Kathy/gary R. on 9/22/2010:
"I appreciated the fact that I was given a less expensive option although I did do the whole service."

Carrie Lavine on 9/22/2010:
"Tom and Tim, once again everything I wanted to have done was done in a timely fashion."

Anonymous Anonymous on 9/18/2010:
"I use Portola Valley Garage for regular service. I had an engine mount break on my BMW and it was making a severe noise. PVG took my car in the morning, had the problem diagnosed, a part ordered and installed that day. I know that other garages could have insisted on replacing other parts that were in the vicinity of the damage and I would have had a hard time knowing, and would have kept the ar much longer. PVG called to let me know status throughout the day and gave me a complete analysis of what was being repaired and why. I trust PVG to give me the straight story, to charge a reasonable price and do an excellent job"

Carole Rowe on 9/11/2010:
"You were rushed today and I had to leave before I was through with questions. This has never happened before."

Jane B. on 9/9/2010:
"This is an excellent, honest and high quality car repair place."

Kevin W. on 9/9/2010:
"Pleasure to have our cars serviced by professionals in a prompt, effective manner."

Alan Carpenter on 9/3/2010:
"This was the first time in my life that somebody had worked on my car, said "take it home and try it for a few days" before accepting my money! Imagine that! But that is what happened, and yes, of course, the car was properly fixed (and I paid the bill after a few days)"

Peter R. on 8/27/2010:
"great as always, done on time"

Anonymous Anonymous on 8/26/2010:
"so far is so good my first visit and you guys are wonderful very helpful!"

Kevin R. on 8/25/2010:
"Had a great experience. They do not work on commission and therefore they are honest and straightforward. They may charge a little more than other places for labor (a little more), but i trust that the work done is right and needed. This is huge for me."

Nanci Banman on 8/17/2010:
"They always find the problem even if I have a hard time describing it."

Mark Rosen on 8/14/2010:
"Extremely competent mechanics. Excellent service with fair pricing. Tom and Tim go out of their way to satisfy their customers."

Anonymous Anonymous on 8/10/2010:
"Excellent service and very prompt attention to car that needed emergency repair"

Bill Ashton on 8/7/2010:
"PV garage is the best !!!"

Ron Carole G. on 7/30/2010:
"Took a while but I was in no hurry - I'll be back"

Anonymous Anonymous on 7/30/2010:
"I have been going to Portola Valley Garage over ten years. It is the best. No one is a number, it is all about the customer. Terrific service at a fair price."

Kathy/gary R. on 7/30/2010:
"The work is always done when promised. We have such confidence leaving our cars at PV Garage. Wouldn't go anywhere else."

Bobby Schwartz on 7/21/2010:
"Portola Valley Garage fixes my cars promptly and correctly every time. Their rates are fair and consistent. They've been flexible when I've had a pickup or drop-off obstacle. They've earned my trust."

Chris M. on 7/21/2010:
"When I have a problem with my car I can always count it being fixed immediately, and that really gives me peace of mind."

Peter R. on 7/20/2010:
"have been coming here for years, have never been dissapointed"

Anonymous Anonymous on 7/17/2010:
"I feel fortunate to live close to this business which gives exceptional service with a real small community spirit"

Alan C. on 7/14/2010:
"everything done that needed to be done, thank you."

Liz B. on 7/11/2010:
"A true business gem. PVG is reason enough to move to Portola Valley."

Gina Myres on 7/8/2010:
"Tom and Tim were very nice a helpful! Great bunch of people working there and there is no fluffing the prices!!! Thank you"

Loren Archer on 7/2/2010:
"Drove in with a minor problem. PVG fixed it for me while I waited. Easy to work with. Fix things right the 1st time."

Thomas Turner on 7/1/2010:
"You go to PV garage if you want the very best."

F. M. on 7/1/2010:
"dependable,reliable and accomadating"

Kevin L. on 6/27/2010:
"We have three cars serviced @ PVG; Toyota, Acura, Landrover. Happy with work done on all and common sense approach to control costs."

Ray L. on 6/26/2010:
"If Portola Valley Garage provided anything less than outstanding service, we certainly wouldn't drive from the coast to get our cars serviced here. That really says it all."

Doris S. on 6/21/2010:
"You guys are terrific!!!!!!!!!"

Bill L. on 6/16/2010:
"I take multiple vehicles to PVG and they have always done a great job. I even take my warranty dealer work to them when the dealer doesn't get it right - they figure out what's wrong and they know how to fix it right."

Anonymous Anonymous on 6/13/2010:
"Fabulous hometown service. I'm so glad I found these guys. I finally figured out that dealerships replace parts while great mechanics solve problems. Portola Valley Garage is at the top of that game."

Anonymous Anonymous on 6/11/2010:
"The courteous people, fair price, and promptness when added to the successful repair of our Jaguar was a pleasant experience. Use PVG to repair your car. You will not regret it."

Anonymous Anonymous on 6/2/2010:
"Great diagnosis. Great service. Highly recommend"

Anonymous A. on 6/1/2010:
"Excellent service, timely work, and at a fair price."

Al K. on 5/30/2010:
"Keep up the good work- nuff said"

Anonymous Anonymous on 5/29/2010:
"They snuck us in a tiny window and helped with a servicing. I trust these guys, they are honest and are a part of the neighborhood. I would recommend the, without reservation."

Rebecca M. on 5/22/2010:
"Knowing my 911's catalytic converter was bad, I got two estimates, but the garage I had used for years said BOTH cats were bad and the O2 sensor, but PV Garage tested my car and I only needed the one cat conv. That saved me over $3000 I would've paid had I not listened to my neighbor and gone to PVG! Tom and Tim were great and worked with my scedule. Now my 911 purrs once again. So good To finally have experts I can trust!"

Anonymous Anonymous on 5/22/2010:
"Very satisfactory overall; some unauthorised work was done (see comment below)"

Anonymous A. on 5/17/2010:
"PVG is a very professional and competent provider of care repair services. It's owner and staff are very personal and responsive to the problems and concerns regarding the car problems of their clients."

Ray L. on 5/13/2010:
"We travel far to have our cars serviced here. Service is always well done and on the one occasion when it wasn't (once in 20+ years) the problem was instantly rectified. Can't do better."

P. Turnquist on 5/8/2010:
"Availability of service and timeliness of the service is excellent. We are very fortunate this service in Portola Valley"

Anonymous Anonymous on 5/7/2010:
"Car repair work was easy to set up, and it was done rapidly and well."

Anonymous Anonymous on 5/2/2010:
"I had a flat battery and PV Garage promptly picked up my truck. Great to have a local service like that!"

Stephanie Russel on 4/28/2010:
"Thanks for fixing my HEAT! And for saving me $1200 vs. the dealer estimate for the same thing. You guys are the best."

William Oconnor on 4/28/2010:
"Job was on time on budget. Staff is friendly and knowledgable."

Kirke C. on 4/23/2010:
"Your guys are cool dudes. Always attentive and practical. Any question I ask is treated seriously, even if it minor."

Bill And Marlene Hickok on 4/17/2010:
"Portola Valley Garage is the best! A+ service with a smile from Angie"

Pam S. on 4/17/2010:
"Service is outstanding, by knowledgeable mechanics, working on all sorts of vehicles."

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