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As of July 7th...SMOG Checks will be faster and cheaper!

All because of.... DAD!

Yes, DAD (Data Acquisition Device) is the new BAR smog platform starting late Spring. This is a required component to perform a smog check inspection on vehicles equipped with second generation on-board diagnostic (OBD) systems, model-year 2000 and newer. No more running your vehicle on a DYNO (2000 models and newer only) while sampling the exhaust pipe. Instead, they get plugged into DAD. Why the change? I have said it for years, cars smog themselves! Every time you start, drive, and shut down your car, (called a drive cycle) the car performs "self tests' called Monitors. One some cars, "EVAP" test are run hours after the car has cooled down. To be honest, the car's On Board Diagnostic system does a MUCH better job testing its own components!

DAD takes advantage of this and uses the vehicles On Board Diagnostic system to determine a PASS/FAIL when you take your car into your shop for a "SMOG" test. Why would someone care? Faster SMOG checks with a much lower cost to you! We built our DAD system for less then $1500 and are ready to go for the new program (and completely wireless). See attached photo of what a "DAD" looks like...


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